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  1. Hi, All... I am running Helix Rack with Controller and 3 expression pedals.... I also have 2 PowerCab 112+, with the first connected to Helix Vix 6 Link, and the second PowerCab 112+ connected to the first with 6Link as well. I am running 2 separate paths in Helix. Input for Path 1 is Variax (VDI) and Input for Path 2 is Guitar (for my daughter's Ovation) I am trying to have each path output directed to separate PC+. The problem is, when I select PC+ (#1) in output block of Path 1 it changes the Output Path 2 to the same PC+. Am I missing something? Only using MONO effects between Input and Output... V-ax Acou 2Gtr.hlx
  2. I purchased an Ethercon cable here: http://btpa.com/Line-6-Variax/ I had mine made very long.... 35 feet and cost less than 50 bucks. One thing I was concerned with was how stiff the cable was. I was happy toning that the cable "hangs" just line a guitar cable, and the connectors are solid. Although you could use a simple cat 5 cable, I would only suggest that in a pinch, and not at all for a gig.
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