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  1. that was my thinking. i can still do what i want now, but it would be easier with the screen showing 6 stomps AND the preset I'm on. that takes the guesswork out of what you assigned to 7/8. is there a way for me upvote your suggestion?
  2. I read somewhere on line that this was possible, but I'm starting to think its not. I have a two button footswitch without LEDs that I intended to use for up/down, and then do 6 button stomp mode on screen. I'm in the global settings but none of these look to me to allow this - am I out of luck?
  3. hey you guys nailed it, between patch loop volume level and patch output volume level (i didnt even realize that was an option until you mentioned it) im already well on my way here. thanks for the feedback!
  4. I'm having a hard time keeping volume levels in line between my tube amp's volume knob, the master output on the Pod Go, and the various levels of amp and effect models. Is the master output knob the only "loudness" control on the Pod, or can I do that in the patch settings? I'm using 4CM, primarily to use my amp's distortion and reverb along with boosts/chorus/delay/etc. I also like the idea of having flexibility to ignore my preamp stage and use a Pod preamp model. I started by setting my two real amp channels to tolerable levels with no effects. The gain channel has a minor volume increase when I switch on a drive (as expected), but the clean channel is much louder. I'm stuck either backing off the amp's volume (which becomes too soft when I switch the drive effect off) or turning down the master volume on the Pod, which has the opposite problem. Can I create two versions (or perhaps snapshots) of a patch with the loudness adjusted down for the clean channel without changing the tonal characteristics of the effects? Next related issue is preamp modeling. As soon as I attempt to do this with the Pod Go master volume set where it was before the output is obnoxiously loud. I again have to reach down and manually turn the output down. Is there a way to account for that in the patch settings?
  5. I don't find that I'm getting a smooth volume sweep through the motion of the pedal. I feel like I'm getting full volume, full volume, pretty much full volume, and nothing as I go from top to bottom. Any settings to try?
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