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  1. Similar issue here. mine are all USB3. is this win 10 new laptop going to work for my POD HD500X?
  2. I'm having this same issue with my new win 10 laptop (prev using win 7). When I get to the window "Line 6 monkey will now close", I click OK, then the installer fails to launch. What are we doing wrong???
  3. Has anyone worked with Warmoth on replacing the stock neck on the Standard? I read above that the JTV neck pocket would accept the strat neck. What neck will the standard accept?
  4. In POD HD500X EDIT, within the MIXER view Block, the choices for instrument are 300/600 500/700 OR Tyler Variax. Which should I be using for a Variax Standard? From POD HD500 Advance Guide - If you own a first-generation Variax instrument, it is recommended to choose the Variax Input Source option. Please also refer to your Variax documentation. From HD 500X EDIT Pilots Guide - VDI (Variax Digital Interface) Input: Select your connected Variax instrument type here. Once selected, you’ll see additional options for your specific Variax. Thanks for support!
  5. variax standard question

  6. Hey all, I'm the new guy who's been posting about struggling with the HD500X recently... guess what... I got my DT25 112 today, unpacked it and it sounds GREAT with my strat right out of the box... I'm excited to have some success a this point... the POD I bought was a Sweetwater demo model for 450, now they dropped the price to 399. The thing would not update correctly so SW tech support is sending me a brand new one, they just got some in stock this week. So for now I'm just working with the DT25 standalone until I get the brand new POD, then I'll begin again learning the modeling stuff but now thru the DT25. I hope the POD sounds good thru DT... If I'm successful and happy with the modeling journey I'll even look into trying out a variax... I've been teetering on the fence ever since I started out with the HD500X... at least now I know I have a straight forward amp that works well with some good functionality choices, even if I have to run the POD as a multi effect unit only I should be ok. More questions to follow soon! I appreciate this forum!
  7. Thanks Guys - Ill continue on learning.
  8. Great feedback so far.. especially the have fun part, too easy to get overwhelmed... As soon as I get the replacement POD Ill get the software going, and I'll need to know how to operate the unit standalone too. I'm working with the "defective" pod right now setting up amp tones using a Mackie Thump PA speaker, which is way better than the sounds I get thru my combo amp... So my plan is to find a FRFR that works. decision on spending the "extra" for Stagesource is the next stop....I can get other brands for less $, but matching brands is better most times. I have the manuals printed in a binder and other reference materials going online... Don't you guys think if I'm using a FRFR and the studio direct output mode I can go with the same patch for my stage monitor AND the PA feed?
  9. Hello all, I'm an experienced player in rock cover band who wants to utilize the entire spectrum of modeling possibilities with the POD. What I lack experience in is using different amps and effects over the years. Mainly I played thru a JCM800 and let sound support handle the rest. SO I have lot to learn. I am awaiting a replacement for the POD HD500X from Sweetwater (mine wont update correctly), my main 2 questions as I begin the modeling journey are these: I’m unhappy so far just trying to find some amp modeling that sound great thru my Traynor combo amp. Should I continue attempting to learn to create full modeling amp tones using a combo guitar amp, or should I go ahead and research buying a FRFR? Maybe even a line 6 Stagesource to match the POD. Either way I will always bring a combo amp and OCD pedal as a backup solution, providing a clean and crunch sound as needed. I read that the best result will be full modeling thru a powered speaker on stage, which should allow me to also send a studio direct output to the mixer so the sound support can blend the 2 or use whichever. I hope to be able to move ahead learning to creating patches using the POD interface AND/OR the edit software program. Is using the edit software and a laptop going to be an easier way for me to learn the ropes, as opposed to noodling around thru all the parameters on the POD itself? Again I’m currently spinning my wheels because I have to wait for a replacement unit that will update flash memory and see the software…
  10. Hello all, I am a new HD500X user... I spent many years playing thru my Marshall JCM800 half stack and letting the sound man handle my lead boost and all effects except for my spring reverb. Now I have a lot to learn and so many possibilities I'm truly overwhelmed. I'm currently just trying to get some amp models going that I am happy with and then begin adding effects later. I am using a Traynor combo amp as a stage monitor for now. This means I will be relying mainly on the amp and cabinet models in the POD. I may change over to a full range powered speaker at some point. My question is about the 4 cable method as opposed to running directly into the guitar input in the front of the amp. I understand that it is best to have time based effects in the effects loop, as opposed to before the amp. If I am using the PODs amp modeling, wouldn't putting the time based effects after the amp model block and mixer (post) in the signal path be the same as inserting the loop and putting them there? If I do use the loop insert and put the effects there, should that be again after the amp model, or post in the signal path? Simply put,..Is the 4CM useful if I am using the amp modeling instead of my amp itself. The amp itself is more or less just a powered speaker. Any advice would be helpful...I'm sure Ill have more questions moving forward. Jim
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