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  1. Hmmmm.... good point. I follow the reasoning. I had thought that having a Variax guitar would reduce the number of variables, but I guess all the rest remain. I had hoped I could save a lot of time by relying on other guitarists' hard work! Having had gear like this before, I guess my previous view (that you need some hard hours customising everything to your taste / style / equipment) is no different for a POD. I remember answering my own question as to why I don't sound like David Gilmour when I play the same notes: it's because you don't play like David Gilmour! Simple really!! Thanks for the reply. I'll get messing when I get a bit of time away from work / kids....
  2. Hi folks, I have just got into the X3 live world (OK, behind the time curve - forgive me!) and got myself a Variax guitar as well. I'm really keen to find my way to tones other people have made on customtones.com by the type of tone it is, rather than by reference to a particular guitarist or song. Is there a forum where people discuss / recommend tones? If not - can anyone at least get me started with any suggestions for:- - A good general purpose tone for accoustic simulations on the Variax. Just a nice accoustic amp / EQ, maybe a good reverb. Not adverse to a drop of chorus, but like a fairly natural sound if possible. - A good general purpose crunch tone for 60s rock type sounds. Thanks for reading.... Very happy with my new purchases. Major upgrade from my old Korg AX1500 and a Squier strat. They've served me well, but nice to have a new and better quality overall sound as I'm getting into home recording and the AX1500 was a bit 'not-great' in the amp modelling stakes.
  3. Hi, I've picked up one of these second hand - an early model with no magnetic pickups. I got it shortly after getting a second hand (yes, I'm a cheapskate!) Pod X3 Live. Played together they sound AMAZING. What I would like to do is download a more me-ish group of tones. I've been navigating my way around Customtones.com but it's a bit tricky to find what you really want as all the patches seem to be sorted by artist / song names, whereas I want more generic sounds, like a good 60s crunch, a nice chorus funk tone, a wide & full delay tone etc. Is there some way of finding your way around it like this? For example, I wanted a good setting to go with the acoustic simulations on the Variax, but if I type in 'variax acoustic' you get all sorts of nonsense. Lastly (sorry - lots of questions), unless I'm missing something, there's no way of hearing what they sound like without uploading them on to your pedalboard and trying them out. Is that right? Cheers guys - loving my new gear!
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