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  1. hey all, i've had my hd500x fot about 3 months now and im finally starting to get it. i work 50+ hrs a week so it's hard to find enough time to really dig into its dark depths. i use either my jem77p or my sg custom with EMG's with sennheiser HD280 pro's (64 ohm impedance) and i feel like the tone clarity still isnt there. before everyone says run it 4CM to a PA or stack, i can't. with that said, my tones seem to always be off on one end or the other (high's/low's) i cant get a good mixture. i play mainly high gain rock tones like Judas priest, megadeth etc. and metal tones with scooped mids in drop C/B. do i need higher impedance headphones? and can any one share some tones or videos that use headphones to developed tones such as the ones i use? i always hear these AMAZING tones that are direct out to a DAW but i cant reproduce them. i used to be a tube amp guy using different pedals. i thought this would be better but now im soo confused. i can make some decent tones but nothing amazing. and i know those tones i hear are mixed after recording but i cant even get close. thanks!
  2. Well contrary to this statement MANY patches state the 4CM method for cabs/PA to obtain they tone they have created..soo yeahh
  3. Like the topic says, im looking for patches made using headphones for personal use. Im new to the HD500x and if i can get some tones to work with, it will give me a better idea what to use and how to exactly use it. Most patches seem to be made for big amps but i have to stay quiet, making it quite the learnong curve with little time i can dedicate.
  4. So i am use to podfarm 2.5 but its totally different. What i would like to know is how to use the hd500x the best way when using headphones. I dont own any halfstscks or 2x12's, only a 75w spider 4, so i cant use L/R stereo out. I keep hearing all these amazing tones (unmixed) but cant seem to reproduce them. And most patches are for big amps and dont sound the same. If any one can guide me in how to create great tones using headphones i would greatly appreciate it. For guitars i use a epiphone SG custom prophecy and a ibanez JEM77P-BFP. I also have a 10 band eq i could use as a chain with the pod.
  5. so i have my guitar-->MXR 108 10 band EQ-->toneport the MXR is activated with a foot switch. when passive the channel is open and there is sound. when activated to use EQ,the channel is closed and there is no feed.
  6. I'm using the pod studio GX. Is the metal pack that good? Also yes, im ising EMG 81/85's. I own a a few stomps as well as a 10 band eq. i tried using the eq before the toneport to see if i can use it, but when activated the feed is cut. Can i not use it at all as part of a chain? only as a buffer?
  7. Hey all, im super new to recording. With that said, i am using a line 6 GX with pod farm 2.5. From what i've read i can use any interface (outside of line 6) with pod farm 2.5. With the GX i've noticed it doesnt handle high gain (i play metal /hard rock). What would be a great step up from the GX? Within a 300$ range that isnt line 6?And do i need to have the gx connected for pod farm show my settings for the licensing? Any and as much info as you guys can spare is greatly appreciated .TIA
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