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  1. Since you just switched to a new computer, I may be able to help because I was in the same situation and this fixed it. Go to your Authorized Devices page in your line 6 account here, not the updater app. Make sure you've disabled any old ones you aren't using. I had several old computers that are long gone that were still authorized. Deleted those and Helix Native worked just fine. Here's a screenshot of mine, I had four of them authorized plus my new computer, so it didn't work there. Once I deleted the extras, it worked perfectly.
  2. I literally came here to ask the same question, same screenshot and all. I'll circle back if I get it to work.
  3. Hoping to get some assistance on a persistant issue I've had with Helix Native. I have a constant bit of distortion that I can't get rid of. Here's an example - https://soundcloud.com/derek-eugene/helix-noise This is recorded direct in logic, but it comes through in headphones and monitors as well. I've used a few different interfaces (Focusrite Scarlett, Behringer 204HD, IK Axe I/O, Apollo Twin). This happens with both stock cabs and IRs, the attached clip is using one of the more popular custom patches from the Line 6 site. I don't see any apparent clipping in/out. I've checked the sample rate and it matched between the interface and Logic at 41, and still happens at 48. Any assistance would be awesome!! I love the tones I am getting, aside from that low end distortion. Output 1-2.mp3
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