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  1. i still have mine in my parts box, haven't found a project yet to put them in -- good pickups for a paf sound
  2. thanks, but i did find a set on ebay, at a steal
  3. yeah, it was way out there, restored the factory presets, sounds great, like my 2016 -- thanks again for your help
  4. i love my "new" 2011 jtv59, but i find that the preset for "lester" is way overdriven, compared to my 2016 59 -- this is a 2011 that i believe was never played, but thinking that someone tweaked lester, i did the manual reset(holding the model knob down, etc.), but no change -- any advice on this one? -- without modelling, the 2 59s sound essentially the same, and i haven't yet explored the other presets
  5. actually, the 3 i have are all cherry -- not by choice, just what was available the latest, in the above photo, has arrived and i'm very happy with it, great deal -- a plus for me, its only 7 3/4# -- my other two are a lb more, not good for my back so this new one comes, zero fret wear, rusted strings -- i don't think they ever used it in the studio -- also, the tuning knob, to go into 2-4, in which you use it as a push button, didn't want to do it at first, i think corrosion, 7 yrs of non-use the bridge has more of an "aluminum" type appearance, not the later chrome plated look of my 2016 --wondering if the early ones had a different bridge? -- also, seems a bit more "plink" on the modelling? so i guess some one didn't like their 59, but from what i've seen of the studio, it would appear that those recording had their pick of the real instruments -- well, its now my #1, paf all the way, and even if there was no modelling, this is as close to a 59 lp as i need to get.
  6. thanks, i knew you'd have the answer -- which is as i had previously thought, based on this interview with rich renken: https://www.guitar-muse.com/interview-with-rich-renken-from-line-6-2979 -- but then this older video(2010?)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFsS6xyIra4, he refers to "seymour duncans and hipshot tuners"? on another subject, i am about to receive a third korean cherry-burst 59(attached), from a top music industry person in L.A.(not someone i personally know, just turns out that's who it is) -- had to buy it due to its exceptional flame, more like a us made than a korean(though still a veneer) -- it's an early one, january 2011, i'm wondering if some of the early korean 59s were "special", as in world music showing what fine work they could do?
  7. just came across an old, 2011, video of a line 6 rep at a music expo in germany, in which he describes the jtv 59 US as having seymour duncan pups -- but i can't find that in any of line 6's description
  8. yes, g&b make a lot of pickups, some not that good, and the humbuckers he refers to go for about $20 each, and no way they are whats in my 59 -- but i have had my pickups out, in order to replace the pickups rings(didn't like the white), and indeed they do say g&b, and they have stickers that say "BONES" -- g&b also makes the prs se pickups, guitars which i believe are made by the same korean manufacturer as my 59, world music
  9. here's the link to this forum's post re: g&b: http://line6.com/support/topic/1208-jtv-59-pickup-specs/, an exerpt: "Brand Name – G & B Pickup Co. (Neck pup is labelled “BONES Nâ€; Bridge is labelled “BONES Bâ€) Who are G& B? G & B seem to be part of a Korean Corporation – KHL Corporation." -- there is further reference on this forum to the "startrek" references for these pickups, "bones" being the 59 version yeah, richie castellano!!, a favorite of mine, having been a big BOC fan since going to college with donald"buck dharma"roeser, one of the tastiest players ever in rock. yes, i realize the sound could be very different, just thought if there was a pair sitting on someone's workdesk, i might take them off their hands -- i can always use my old ibanez super 70s, or the schallers -- its for an old mahogany solid body i built in the 80s, thought i'd see if i could turn it into something good
  10. thanks for the heads up -- yeah, thats overpriced, cause heres the same pickup at full compass for $56: http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/260497-Line-6-11-26-0008-2 -- although i love these pups, i realize that folks have their own preferences, like seymours, and have heard on the forum of people pulling them -- thought maybe i might pick up a pair for a reasonable price -- then i can sell my old ibanez super 70s -- to each their own, i can't see getting a better sound then i get from the stock jtv-59s -- you may have read the story of how these korean pups supposedly came out so good that they became the stock pup in the american made 59 -- they're made by "g&b", who make a bunch of pups, including the prs se that is made in the same factory as the jtv59 -- and i can get a pair of g&b open buckers for $40, but they would not be "wound to james tyler specs", so who knows what they might sound like -- and of course, i realize that this guitar i made in the 80s, even with the 59 pups, most likely won't sound like my 59.
  11. i bought mine a year ago as a new "b" stock, never could figure out what the defect was -- was pretty perfect out of the box, certainly the fretwork was excellent -- i do my own setups, i was thrown off at first with the truss rod until i realized it was dual-action, with a "neutral" point, but once i realized that, just the slightest tweaking got what i wanted -- i sometimes compare it to other, good, guitars, it always blows them away, tone-wise, and we're talking the pickups alone, no modelling -- i often find myself looking down to see if i bumped the modelling knob and put myself in tele mode, but no, its the stock pickups(you'll see my other post where i'm looking for a spare set of these for another project) -- i agree with another poster that i actually use the modelling knob as little as possible, to increase its life span -- have had occassional problem with the 3 way selector, on pickups mode, not engaging bridge pup, so i may buy a spare switch for the future -- and finally, i find the high "e" a bit closer to the edge of the fb -- in fact, in comparison with my lp, i find the fb at the nut to be the same width, but the nut slot spacing is wider than standard(based on tusq pre-slotted dimensions) -- mostly no problem, and does give me more room for my fat fingertips, but have had a few embarrassing rolling off the string events
  12. if anyone has pulled these pickups to replace with others, i would be interested in buying -- i have the stock pickups in my jtv-59, and would like another set to put in another guitar i'm building -- or if you know a source for these, would appreciate that info thanks
  13. that could be the way to go -- don't think i'd want to do it myself, i hear the finishing is tedious -- probably be close to what i paid for the guitar, but worth it
  14. yeah, i've done refrets on my guitars, even have a stewart mac fretbender, and eventually that will happen, but i'm trying to catch the wear before it happens, delay the refret job -- instead of wearing the crap out of my baby, figure i'd beat up a less valuable(to me) guitar, save the 59 for playing, recording -- just using the practice guitar for my core practice, scales, exercises, etc., often not even plugged in. and i admit to a "bad" perpendicular finger vibrato, a shaking if you will, that i refuse to give up in my lead playing -- i've seen what that can do to a guitar in just a few months, its like filing the frets down
  15. its not that i don't love my 59, its that i think i'm loving it to death -- i practice a couple hours/day, plus playing a few times/week, and with the nasty finger vibrato i have(which i won't give up), i know i'm wearing the crap out of my frets -- would love to have a second guitar with a similar neck to the 59, doesn't matter what it sounds like, just for practice -- i actually made templates of the neck and "fattened" the neck on a cheap epiphone special using bondo, came out ok, actually improved the sound of the epi, but the guitar has the wrong feel to be a 59 clone if anyone has any suggestions, other than changing my technique, would be appreciated -- i keep a search going on ebay for a non-functioning, damaged, or stripped 59, but if anything, seems to be less out there than last year(my 59 was a blem from gc for 800, i now feel lucky to have gotten it at that price)
  16. thanks, been a few months, and for once i'm still happy with a mod that i made-- and thanks to all those who didn't care for my mod, but refrained from flaming me -- such a good group!
  17. well, the i isolated the loud hum in my signal chain to the pocket pod, figured i'd try it unplugged from the power supply -- but new batteries, tested, the pod won't power up, but it will on the power supply, but with the loud hum -- any ideas??
  18. yeah, thumb behind the neck for me too, never been able to do chording using my thumb on the 6th string, so the thumb behind gives me better reach, plus i wear my guitars high, which helps even more, i'm definitely going for the best access i can get on the fretboard, don't care how dorky it looks -- i've been using my 59 exclusively since i got it this spring, and the hagstroms are at my other place in the desert, so will be interesting to compare when i get back there in the fall -- they basically made their rep on being "the fastest neck"
  19. i realize you all may love those white pup rings on the 59 burst, but i don't(actually, i prefer the black 59 to the burst, but my 59 burst chose me, i didn't choose it), so for any of you who may have wondered what an alternative take might be, heres a pic of my now satin black rings -- a coat of plastic spray paint, followed by the satin black and if this helps anyone to decide that they definitely don't want black rings, thats cool too
  20. these are the same questions that went through my mind before i bought my 59: weight, and neck shape -- i had tried out a 500, liked the sounds, but wanted a shorter scale length, so when i heard about the 59, i ordered one from gc to try out, knowing i was going to return it -- figuring if i liked it, i'd get a used one, and shave the neck, since coming from a hagstrom swede was a big jump in neck profile(the swede is also 10.5 lbs, another reason i was shopping for a new guitar) -- anyway, the 59 came, 8.5 lbs, a real beauty, plugged it in, and it was all over, never even got to the modelling knob, just used the stock humbuckers -- you guys may have already owned some great guitars, and the 71 swede is not bad, but i never heard anything like it, even not plugged in -- don't know how it gets the sound it does, but i'm afraid to change anything on it, definitely wouldn't be shaving it, could be the neck is the source of its tone -- and as someone else on the forum pointed out, what at first seemed a "baseball bat" is now a comfortable neck, i have trouble now adapting to my hagstrom
  21. thats what i've been using on my 59, rather than powering it with the battery -- then i go from the mini to a pocket pod to amp
  22. from the prs site: The PRS double acting truss rod provides neck adjustment in both directions. Conventional truss rods can only compensate for forward neck bow. Due to varied climate and other conditions to which your PRS guitar may be exposed during its lifetime, we have made our necks fully adjustable. PRS switched over to the double acting truss rod about halfway through the 1992 production year. To determine whether your guitar has this system simply examine the adjusting nut. The single acting rods used a brass adjusting nut threaded onto a steel rod. The double acting rods use a steel nut fused to a steel rod. Neck adjustment can be accomplished as before except that a reverse bow can now be fully corrected. The double acting truss rod achieves twice the amount of adjustment as the single acting rod with the same amount of movement of the adjusting nut. Do not over-adjust! interesting, prs se guitars are supposedly made in the same korean factory
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