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  1. My Relay G10 had been working just fine with my Spider V 60 prior to updating the firmware but I decided I should update the firmware as the urgent notices was instructing me to do. So I did and now my Relay G10 will not charge! I trusted Line 6 and the firmware and now it has rendered my Relay useless. Not impressed. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  2. If you can afford it go with the Shortboard because you can scroll through your all your User Bank presets whereas with the Express you can't. With the Shortboard you can also control Modulation, Delay and Reverb for each preset, with the Express you can not. I went with the Shortboard due to its superior versatility over the Express.
  3. I recently purchased the Spider IV 150 amp along with the MKII ShortBoard and I am extremely disappointed with the lack of video (and text) tutorials for MKII ShortBoard; there is only one! Granted I did find that one video beneficial. I would be great if there were detailed tutorials about the controller interfacing with the amp (lots of detail for interfacing with a Pod), an explanation of all the button functions, and looping with it. Am I missing something?
  4. I just had the same issue after what appeared to be a successful calibration the pedal with the amp but the expression pedal didn't even work! So I simply recalibrated and now it works fine.
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