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  1. I've had my Helix for around 2 yrs now. It was a replacement for my aging Lexicon MPX G2 which was possibly the first unit to give you multi effects via 4CM. I replicated what I had in terms of patches with this unit with the Helix switching a 3 channel Mesa Boogie and it has served me very well. I recently discovered the amazing guitarist Carter Arrington for myself on a video playing the Allman Bros In Memory of Elizabeth Reed with Dave Grissom. Carter's tone blew me away, so much so that I contacted him directly to find about his rig. He very kindly promptly replied telling me he uses some boutique pedals into a Class A Amp set clean. I was all for spending a shed full of cash on similar said items when I thought I would try this pedal into clean amp thing with the Helix. My early experiences using the Heir Apparent and Tone Sovereign models have blown me away again. I can't compare the sounds to the real pedals (there are plenty of You Tube videos achieving favorable results) all I know is that they sound utterly awesome and have added to my palette of great tones. I'm looking forward to exploring other pedal models and look at stacking various combinations. Any advice and pointers from people on this forum would be most welcome.
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