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  1. I'm sure your setup must sound amazing. My first impulse is also to go for the powered speakers, but I do want to get a chance to try out the Firehawk. There's the appeal of 'still having a combo around', plus this 6 way speaker set up has a certain ring to it. I'm very curious about clarity and 'projection' (Marshall cabs for instance are not exactly outstanding in that department). I plan on going directly into the FOH console from the Helix, but I stll want to know if it (the Firehawk) can make a heavily processed sound audible in most or all of it's nuances, without having to blow the roof off, so to speak ;)
  2. Lol, I've heard the guy contradict himself twice within a 3 week span, needless to say I take his 'observations' with a bag of salt.
  3. Update. I just bought a brand new Variax JTV 89 (the electric sounds are amazingly good, as is the analog guitar as such) , and ordered a Helix. When I asked about the Firehawk 1500 the guy at the store said he hadn't tried it yet, but he was very skeptical about 'Line 6's ability to build guitar speakers' :) To be continued.
  4. You both make good points. It's just that my analogue gear has never (literally) failed me (I must add I'm quite disciplined as far as maintenance is concerned). You're probably right, maybe I should just jump and see what happens :P Maybe in a year or so Ill have the same amount of trust in the digital stuff as I have now in my old gear. In each case: thanks a lot for the replies!
  5. I could live with the awareness that certain gear will start letting me down occasionally, say, after 5,6 years, and that 5 years later it will be completely written off. But let's say I climb on stage next month, with all my new Line 6 gear, how relaxed am I going to be? :) If I have to haul my analogue gear as part of a contingency plan, I will be missing the whole point of making the shift in the first place.
  6. Lol, that scenario has crossed my mind too. I have to give this some serious thought. I'm basically a 'vintage stuff' guy, I now mostly use a '92 Les Paul, a Mesa Boogie head with Marshall cabs and some boutique pedals, to give you an idea. Now all this (new) Line 6 gear, especially the Helix, sounds so incredibly well, it's compact, light, easy to use,... that I'm really tempted to plunge myself into that world. I'm even seriously considering to buy a new Variax (the trouble that would save me...) As said it all sounds great, the only thing that worries me is: reliability ;)
  7. I see your point, but I would feel slightly uncomfortable having (at least partially) bought 'twice the same stuff' if I were to combine the Firehawk and the Helix, so I'd rather spend more money on 2 L2's, which will also give me a better 'spread'. The other option of course, is to just buy a Firehawk 1500, and then the question is: 'what am I going to miss out on, compared to the Helix, purely soundwise?'
  8. You mean as a stand alone, or as a way to amplify the Helix? If I understand it correctly, the Firehawk is already packed with a ton of sounds, wouldn't that be overkill?
  9. Thanks a lot. I suppose the qualification 'bi-amped' had me thinking they could be stereo :D
  10. Hello, I'm about to buy a Helix. For amplification my first plan was to connect it to a (very good) Reussenzehn stereo valve 'guitar slave' and 2 Marshall cabinets I already own. Geat stuff, but heavy, takes a lot of space, and I'm not getting any younger ;) . So I want to go light and compact. Stage Source looks ideal. I would buy 1 unit to start with. Is my assumption correct that if I want to enjoy stereo sound I would need to buy an L2t (as it has 2 separate inputs), or am I mistaken? I'm aware that 1 unit is probably not gonna give me the great 'stereo spread', so I will probably buy a second unit which (I presume) could either be a 2t or a 2m. I then leave the outputs of the helix connected to the first unit, and just connect the second unit with the L6 link, correct?
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