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  1. I have a related problem. I have a preset with 4 snapshots. In each snapshot I have the same preferences: by default the pedal is switched to exp 2 and controls the volume, when I push down hard, and activate the 'hidden' switch it becomes exp 1 and thus a wah pedal. So far so good. The trouble starts when I leave the pedal on exp 1 ('forget to turn off the wah' so to speak) in one snapshot and then switch to another snapshot. The pedal doesn't do anything anymore, if you hit the toe swich you get a wah stuck in position 100%, and after that the Helix goes berzerk. No way of getting back to a normally functioning pedal again, other than to briefly switch to another preset.
  2. Thanks, that looks like a solution ('run as administrator') that is related to the one I just found: it appears that my Panda antivirus is the big saboteur, I changed it's settings, and now everything works fine. The program was blocking stuff without notifying me, when I changed that it suddenly became apparent that the Helix files were regarded as being suspicious :) Thanks for all the help everyone!
  3. I have Windows 7 on that particular computer. I have tried reinstalling, restarting the computer,... it just doesn't work.
  4. I did everything as prescribed. I backed up my presets with the 'old' editor, reset my Helix, updated it's firmware to 2.01 via Updater 1.09, managed to install editor 2.01 on my computer, and reinstalled my presets. But shortly after that the grey Helix icon on the computer suddenly disappeared . I have uninstalled all Helix software, quit all Line 6 applications, disconnected the Helix and tried to reinstall Editor 2.01. Instead of the grey Helix icon, I get a white one, when I click it I get the message (translated): 'shortcut missing. looking for helix.exe, browse if you want to look for it manually' When I choose the latter option I get a list of programmes and files, non of which is called 'helix.exe', of couse :). Anyone? My Helix works fine, my main problem is at the moment I can't make any back ups.
  5. I'm very, very happy with the snapshot feature :D Well done guys!
  6. I did that, but he problem keeps occuring, when I click the (grey) Helix icon after installing 2.01 my computer says ' wrong parameter' (translated from Dutch).
  7. I have reinstalled v. 2.01 a dozen times. Either I get a white helix icon, which doesn't work, or I get the dark grey one which doesn't work either and disappears shortly after.
  8. Ok, I have installed updater version 1.09, and that did the trick. The Helix's firmware is updated :) I even managed to reinstall my setlist. After that the Helix icon (the dark grey one) suddenly disappeared from my screen. After running Helix 2.01 Installer again, I now get 'incorrect parameter' when I click it. That's the only issue I"m having right now.
  9. I am using driver version 1.78, and the Line 6 updater that comes with 'Helix v 2.01 Installer'
  10. There must be something wrong. When I click on the 'Line 6 Updater' icon, I am asked to sign in, when I do so I get a black screen with the message 'select device to update', and that's it, nothing else. The Helix is connected and switched on, my computer detects it as a connected device.
  11. Needless to say i'm not exactly a computer whizz :) But when I click on 'Get Download' on that particular firmware 2.01 page, that file is the only thing I get. I will try it the way you said, and let you know.
  12. I have an older computer that runs on Windows 7, which I use for all my music stuff. After I downloaded the firmware 2.01, I got a message the computer couldn't open it, because of the extension. Same problem occurs with my new computer which has Windows 10. I have already installed the new editor (which doesn't accept the old firmware, I stll have 1.10), and I've done the preset and global settings reset, as prescribed, so in order to reinstall my old presets I will have to install the old editor again, unless someone can help me.
  13. Yeah I bought it brand new 2 months ago. I have been playing it quite a lot for the last couple of weeks, and that's when you start noticing the flaws, of course. Somehow i don't think the guitar suffers from a constrution error, but the store doesn't have another one in stock right now, so I can't compare for the time being.
  14. Ok, I went for the Firehawk 1500. The stereo imaging, and wet-dry-wet effect are not exactly overwhelming, but that was to be expected as it is relatively compact, and the speakers are really close to each other. I'm quite happy with the way it amplifies the Helix: neutral and powerful. It's really FRFR :) The on board sounds are rather poor compared to the Helix, which is actually quite a relief :)
  15. I gave everything a good cleaning, put on new strings, raised the action somewhat...all of that seems to have helped a little. I'm now in the process of trying to EQ the problem away, with modest succes. I notice I'm playing differently on it too. Oh well, it's a nice toy I guess. Good thing I didn't sell any of my guitars :)
  16. The strings I'm using are definitely broken in, and I don't hear any fret buzz when playing unamplified. I have even raised the action to a really uncomfortable level, and that doesn't change it. What puzzles me is that this seems to be a 'known issue' with the thickest strings, but not with the thinnest, whereas my 6th and 5th string sound great :).
  17. They don't lack volume, they're not too silent. Have you ever bent your high e string so far down it's literally off the fretboard? That sound, almost like a sitar is what I'm referring to ;) It's not there when I use the humbuckers.
  18. I like the strat ('spank') sounds on my JTV 89, but the 1st and 2nd string sound a bit like they're 'off the fretboard', almost like a sitar, and of course this gets accentuated when distortion or overdrive is added, other guitar models suffer from this as well, but it's very apparent with the strat models. Any idea's?
  19. I also bought a JTV 89, because I believed I would be able to do things that would otherwise be impossible. For instance, in a particular song I wanted to go from a clean, compressed, 'funky' Strat sound to a roaring Les Paul, in a blink. I haven't found a way to do that yet, within one preset that is. Maybe I'm missing something. Was that such an excentric, outrageous thing to expect, considering all the publicity? I am now, as some posters suggested, in the process of making a preset per song. Sure, it works, but I'm constantly confronted with limitations, and it sometimes feels like I'm solving a sudoku, which is not exactly my favourite hobby. And the fact that the sound quality is so good makes it even more frustrating, of course, you want to be able to use what you want, when you want it. Like I said before: it's a catch 22.
  20. When I started playing gigs in the early 80's, I had a couple of Boss pedals and a Dunlop wah. In '88 I bought a Boss ME-5. That was fun, you could program! By '92 I had tried a Korg A3, and a Roland GP16, but decided to buy a Digitech GSP 21. Including the footcontoller it sold for the equivalent of 1250 US $, quite a bit of money back then. Latency was a big problem, but I solved that by switching effects on and off in presets, which the footcontroller allowed (sounds familiar?) I used it for a year, and then went back to pedals. That's 23 years ago. I completely lost my interest in 'guitar processors'. They all sounded like crap :D . Until last year, when I first saw a promo video about the Helix. It really got me interested, and I thought, 'after all those years maybe they've come up with something that actually sounds good, and is usable'. When I ordered the Helix I didn't even bother to check about latency, convinced as I was that this was a problem that would have been solved long ago. I got it last week. It sat on my desk for a couple of days, as I was busy figuring it out, testing sounds, and getting really, really enthusastic about it. The device is an absolute delight, sound wise, and is extremely user friendly. Yesterday, I put it on the floor for the first time, and pretented to be in a live situation, going through some presets I had made. Twenty minutes later I was reading this thread, deeply disappointed. I think I understand the basics of the problem, but let me tell you, I would gladly give up half of the delays, reverbs, wahs, amp models, cabs, modulation effects, and distortions to get rid of that problem. One of the Line 6 staff members almost described it as a catch 22: more dsp power will always be used to improve the sounds and possibilities, thus making the data flow bigger and bigger, causing more potential latency. A working musicians priority is the stage. If all those great sounds are just meant for use at home, it's a bit of a waste. And now I'm going to try and figure out how I can switch between paths within one preset, doin' 'the Digitech thing' again. Sigh.
  21. I had similar issues. I had only 4 working scribble strips left, and they displayed the wrong info, after a while the text would become unreadable, and finally it would disappear. Today I received a replacement, so far so good, fingers crossed.
  22. I received my Helix today. After about one hour of playing I noticed the LEDs ('scribble strips') started 'trembling', shortly after only 1-4 displayed some information, which is also wrong (e.g. FS 4 says 'TAP'). Rebooting didn't help, I also installed the latest software. I have perfect audio, but this is really no fun :(
  23. I came with 1.04.3 firmware, need I update something, and how?
  24. I got my Helix today. After one hour of playing 9 of the leds started flickering, and then went blank, 4 of them are showing the wrong message (for instance FS 4 now says 'tuner'). I still have audio. Not a very promising start I must say. :angry:
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