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  1. Growlyman

    Variax Bass 700 - Reset?

    Well, what is more cost-effective? To send back my parts and have Line6 calibrate/repair it, or simply to have Line6 sell me a new PCB Assembly? I have an open ticket with Line6 right now. They quoted $90/hour for them just to look at the parts. That naturally does not include shipping, bench work or any replacement parts needed. But, they also quoted me $90 just for the mainboard. I asked them to quote me a price for a full replacement PCB coffin.
  2. Growlyman

    Variax Bass 700 - Reset?

    A few corrections: - It's not doing a "3-blink." Rather, it's doing a continuous blink, at the rate of 3 times per second. - There are absolutely no splices in the wiring. It is all the original connectors, all disconnected and reconnected properly. As I say, I'm a luthier and an audio technician. This is the first item that's given me any sort of problems all year. The only modification made was to remove parts from the coffin. There is no physical reason for the failure. There is no hard-reset procedure that I can do at my end? Like, "Hold down this knob, set the encoder to this position, plug in the TRS and do such-and-such after 20 seconds"?
  3. Growlyman

    Variax Bass 700 - Reset?

    Thanks about the cat! And thanks for your reply. No, it is no longer in the coffin. And I thought about an incomplete ground somewhere. Take a look a the picture attached. I did connect the grounds from the piezo saddles and the I/O assembly to the remainder of the coffin on which the motherboard is still screwed on. Based on my wiring, that does mean it's possible that there's a missing ground connection going to the controls circuitry, as those are now separated from the coffin. Is there a suitable place I can connect a ground on that circuit board to see if that is the issue? I'm relatively certain this has to be a hardware issue, as the bass worked PURRRFECTLY before removing it from its original Line6 body and coffin. Monkey, Updater and everything on the power DI were functioning per design. I bet it's a ground ....
  4. Hi Gang. I'm a luthier when I'm not doing my first job of concert sound and teching. So a few months back, I successfully, and rather easily, transplanted all the electronics out of my tick-blood-red Variax 300 guitar and put in into a colorshift Strat (see the pic). It is absolutely my favorite guitar. Upon that success, I picked up a Variax 700 bass and am working on the same kind of project - putting the electronics into my own build (see the cat bass). This time, in addition to separating the bridge and cat5/TRS jack's cables from the "coffin" electronics while creating the design, I had to take the motherboard and controls circuit out of the coffin as well to create a new layout in the bass body. It's just a matter of unplugging a few ribbon and multipin cables and reattaching. Well, it should be .... I have everything back together but I cannot get the bass to come to life. Instead, when it powers up, the LED light (which is either normally red or green displaying which A/B model you've selected per bass), is just a flashing red (3x per second approximately). I have disconnected and reconnected everything, several times, blowing out parts and checking everything thrice as I go, and no progress. In reading these threads, someone suggested I plug the bass into the Monkey and reinitialize. I tried this, but the bass is invisible to the Line6 software (where my 300 shows up immediately). My next step was to start a ticket with Line6. I asked them how to reinitialize, or what the blinking LED code may be, or which part of the circuitry (I/O, tone controls, motherboard, bridge) is the likely culprit ... and to please sell me a replacement part. Naturally, their response was that I have to send this in for troubleshooting, which of course will be my LAST resort. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this? All insights are welcomed! Thanks Chris Famous Guitar Replicas