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  1. I too am having an issue with POD Farm and the 2i2 Scarlett. I can't seem to get an mic settings or effects from POD Farm to Audacity. Anyone have any pointers?
  2. I've gone ahead and bought the standard license for the stand alone version of POD Farm 2.5. Still can't select the mic as an input...
  3. Might sound super stupid, but how do I select my input? (I'm using trial version, could this be the reason why?)
  4. Hey, Recently a friend recommended POD Farm to me for microphone recording (his mic sounds incredible). So I downloaded it. Right now, I don't have a license and am running in trial mode and using with the Scarlett 2i2 interface. My issue is, I can't seem to get the mic to output any effects/settings which my friend has told me to put into POD Farm. I was just wondering if POD Farm can do this with a non Line 6 interface, in trial mode? I've searched around the web to find more information but none of it is perfectly clear. All I wanna do is use the 2i2 interface with POD Farm and record mic in audacity. Thanks guys!
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