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  1. Sixto

    Helix - More switches?

    After getting really high on edibles a few days ago, I came to the realization that having that many pedals is really dumb. For me, anyway. I did some "soul searching," as it were, and narrowed it down to like 8 pedals that I really love. Sooooo, now the question is going with a Helix and being done, or getting real pedals. One the one hand, pedals are so cool. And I really would like to go all-analog. The downside is they're gonna get heavy and take up a lot of space and all need to be powered and all the cables...but they're real pedals. The authenticity! The Helix is digital. But boy, does it sound great. Plus it's a neat package and I won't need separate volume and wah pedals, can control my amp channels, can also do really cool things with effects that the originals do NOT do (volume sensitivity on the tremolo and Univibe effects is so much fun!). Plus, I can just take the head to gigs along with the Helix and a reactive load and have my own custom impulses right there in the Helix, straight into the PA. Tough decision to make here.
  2. So, after spending a lot of time with the Helix plug-in, I've decided to buy a Helix instead of buying individual pedals to use with my amp. I only want to use it in stomp box mode, no presets, and I know there is a mode in Helix that lets you use 10 of the switches as stomp boxes instead of the typical 8. The problem is, I need 15 switches to be able to control all the effects (and loops) I want as stomp boxes. I loaded all of the specific models I want to use in the plug-in, so I know memory is not going to be an issue. My question is, what would be a good, simple MIDI foot controller that would allow me to add at least another 5 stomp box switches to the Helix? Also, being able to control amp channels and boost function would be a huge plus.
  3. Sixto

    Helix Native

    I didn't know that! Thanks for the info! Crisis averted.
  4. Sixto

    Helix Native

    Somewhat terrified that the only VST version listed is VST3. Neither Mixbus 32C nor Reaper are compatible with VST3.
  5. I wonder... Would I be able to easily control the plugin using my POD HD500X? I know when you connect the POD HD to other L6 gear like the M13, the patch changes and such are automatically set up. Would that be the case with Helix Native?
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