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  1. I was going to say Archetype also, beautiful cleans and growls nicely when turned up. I'm gonna have to check out the Litigator though.
  2. It was the Charlotte NC (University City) location. The staff was friendly but had no information. Fortunately for me it's just a few minutes from my home, but I would hate to have driven across town for it. If there was a last-minute change-of-location none of the four of us received any notifications and I believe we had all pre-registered. As mentioned by others, it's organized and put on by Line 6 so I'm not surprised local staff had no knowledge. So no knock on GC intended here.
  3. Me and three other guys hanging around our local GC tonight, waiting for the scheduled Tone Made Pro clinic... No show by the Line 6 Product Representative. Of course the GC staff had no idea about the event.
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