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  1. Boot failure entered update mode. Only boot option that does anything is 6+12 (Entered Update Mode!), everything else goes to boot failure screen with :-3 in top left. Line 6 updater doesnt find any devices connected so cant update. Tried 2 different cables in EVERY USB slot. Restarted PC and everything else I can think of. Please help, this is lollipop.
  2. Tried EVERYTHING on here and it's still lollipoped. lollipop you Line 6
  3. Very new to all this stuff but I have a Helix LT and laptop that I'd like to run through the same set of powered speakers (Mackie CR3) - I assume I will need a mixer of some sort - can anyone recommend me a good mixer? The connection from the laptop is an RCA and I use 1/4" cables from the Helix (although could use XLRs). Thanks!
  4. Hi, new here but would love to see some kind of infinite sustain (with feedback) effect. Fernandes sustainer for example.
  5. Thanks for the clarification - I assumed it was something like this. Still getting my head around how to route everything efficiently!
  6. I got my Helix LT a few days ago, so I'm sure this is a very nooby question.... But I have noticed when making my own presets, occasionally I will go to add another effects to the signal path and the majority of options will be unavailable (kinda greyed out). From memory the volume option is usually selectable, and even some distortions (but not all). These aren't crazy paths either, there might be 4 or 5 blocks in the chain but I try to add another and it seems to have hit some kind of limit. Any ideas? From the presets it's obvious that a lot more effects and amps can be added so I'm definitely doing something wrong!
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