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  1. Jampzz

    Clipping DI in

    Well i've just checked and the LT does not have an aux in, so probably the only thing i can do is use some sort of trimmer or di box before the helix
  2. Jampzz

    Clipping DI in

    The input pad was the last thing I tried, couldn't notice any difference The bkp is passive but i will try that anyway!
  3. Jampzz

    Clipping DI in

    Ok then im hitting damn hard LOL Yeah, the input is lighting red, i guess im going to need a di box then or some other alternative Thanks for the help dude!
  4. Jampzz

    Clipping DI in

    Hello everyone, I've been checking some people reamping with the unit and everyone seems to have pretty low di levels using usb 7/8 out. For me that's not the case, i'm pretty hot all the time and start clipping when I pick harder (ibanez prestige 7, bareknuckle aftermath, pretty hot pickup). I've tried lowering every single output volume possible and its not affecting the 7/8 usb output: multi out, usb 1/2 trim, digital out level, i have all those on the minimum level of -60 dB to try and see if it affects the level but it's not even moving, still clipping. I've ran out of ideas and i've checked the forums already, not many comments on this topic so if anyone has experienced the same issue and fixed it please let me know! Signal chain: Guitar - helix (usb out) > studio one > 2 tracks, main input and usb 7 input (this is the one clipping). I've also tried lowering the fader and input level in Studio One, still not affecting the track.
  5. Oh man that's it for sure! Gonna try it asap, thank you so much!
  6. Hi everyone, I've been recording the helix with cab sims off and introducing them in my daw with the GGD Zilla plugin. Now, i've exported those IRS and when loading them into the unit, no sound is coming through. Other IRS do work, stock cabs too. Any idea? Thanks in advance!
  7. Yeah, i've achieved some tones I like using neural dsp stuff and some other bass vst's like ignite amps and even guitar sims like toneforge. Never tried that. My next step is probably gonna be cutting those lows after the distortion and blending it with the low DI inside the DAW instead of the helix itself. Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone! I've had my helix LT for 6 months now and i'm super happy. Already found my sweetspot in guitar tones that i'm already using in my mixes. The only thing i can't seem to get right are bass tones. I'm looking for something gritty, darkglass style. I've tried every route i could think of: double chaining separated lows/highs and blending inside the helix, using the obsidian pedal on highs, recording only highs and adding the low di on my daw, etc. If you have any advice it would be highly appreciated. Cheers! Reference tones: Knocked loose, periphery, varials, northlane, etc, pretty much all metalcore/hardocore/prog bass tones sound pretty similar nowadays haha
  9. Last week the exp pedal on my LT started getting tighter and tighter, and today it just stopped working. The pedal is still tight, and although it goes up and down it just stopped working (the click to swap between exp 1 and 2 is still fine). The pedal being tight shouldn't be much of an issue, probably fixable if i loosen up the screw on the side, but I think this looks like a problem with the optical sensor of the exp pedal. As far as I know we don't have any official line 6 customer service here in Spain and I bought it used, so no warranty whatsoever. Trying to come up with some DIY solutions, so I would love to hear your feedback Cheers!
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