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  1. THANK YOU so much. After a few days of playing around, here's what I've found based on your recommendations: Compressor: I like the feel of the compressor engaged, as opposed to taking it out completely, so I left it in with a +2db level boost (this is an "always on" pedal) Raised mids: definitely helped - raised on my amp to about an 8, presence at 5-6, and EQ with a +2db level increase (using the "Simple EQ" block) Drive: I already play with a fairly clean tone, but I increased it on the amp models a bit and also tweaked the one drive pedal I have in the signal chain to be more "balanced" when engaged High/low cuts: playing with a strat, the highs can be almost too piercing at times, so I actually increased the high cut on the amp/cab a pretty good amount and that has helped a lot EQ: Already at the end of my chain, your higher mids/high frequencies tip helped Cab mic: this might have been the biggest positive change. I was using the stock mic model that came with each cab, but the 57 Dynamic at 2 inches helped incredibly. No more thin sounding tones with the ribbon mics some of my patches were using. Cab level: added a +2db increase and that also helped with a more full sound Delays/reverb: these are absolutely necessary for a church worship band setting, but the above changes helped me dial in less of a delay/reverb to not lose anything in the overall mix Global EQ: didn't touch this, want to try to avoid tweaking this since it's more of a "venue by venue" basis change that it should be used for. Again, many thanks for these tips! Hope this helps anyone else out there too!
  2. Looking for some EQ tips for my Strat to stand out in the mix. I play on my church’s worship team and find that my tone coming through the PA and through online streams sounds really dark and thin at times. How can I clean this up and make it really stand out in the mix? Ideally it sounds more “full” and is able to be clearly heard. I’m using compressors and hi/low cuts on the amps and cabs when necessary. Appreciate the advice!
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