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  1. Awesome, I've made it work. Thank you for your help!! Much appreciated.
  2. Basically I have no knowledge how to make this work other than where to connect the cables. I've been trying for a few hours now and can't get the amp to respond to anything - other than scrolling through the presets menu prior to turning off the MIDI Send PC. Again, I appreciate any help on this - it's driving me slowly insane.
  3. Thanks for the reply Phil! I'd be happier using PC messages. I have absolutely no clue how to use the instant commands, let alone attach them to a footswitch. If I can just get each footswitch to send a different program change I would be very happy.
  4. I'm having a tough time getting my TC-50 head to respond to my Helix LT for amp control via MIDI. This is my first time attempting to use MIDI. I'm connected to the amp via 4cm, with the MIDI connected from the out on the helix to the in on the amp. I'm running the helix in snapshot mode. What I'm specifically trying to achieve is channel changes on the amp, along with standard effect/parameter changes in helix. Example: Footswitch 1: CLEAN on TC-50 with Helix reverb + delay Footswitch 2: LO on TC-50 with Helix overdrive + reverb Amps midi CC numbers/values for channels: CLEAN = CC 20 w/ value 64 - 127 LO = CC 21 w/ value 64 - 127 HI = CC 22 w/ value 64 - 127 Things to note. The amp also responds to midi program changes - I've noticed that if I scroll through the presets menu that my amp changes channels with varying features coming on and off. So for some reason helix is sending program changes when loading a preset. If I could isolate that function to snapshots I would also be happy, as I could use the amp's solo/reverb/fx loop options as well instead of just singular purpose CC messages. Any help much appreciated.
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