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  1. Yeah, before I jump to conclusions, I might just contact that lad you mentioned earlier.
  2. Sorry I have taken so long guys. First off, thanks Parkissan. Secondly, the UX2 does show up in monkey. Finally, I'm presuming an ESN may be and Electronic Serial Number but I may be mistaken. (If it is then yes, It does show up.)
  3. OK, thanks for the help guys, this is the second one :(
  4. sadly still nothing with my earphones (which definitely work). *edit* I also swore into the mic loudly several times in anger with no results.
  5. Ah yes, the answer to that one is no, it did not work. I will try my headphones in the morning when I can work out a way to get my Astros to work on it. I'm off to bed now.
  6. the adapter end of the cable. This video below says that it is OK to do. http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/recording/pod-farm-pod-studio-toneport/getting-set-up-with-your-pod-studio-device-vid-r66 also, I'm in the UK so I probably won't reply for a short while. *edit* I have also tried my guitar on the UX2, with a cable straight to it (not sure if I need another power source as the guitar runs on passive pickups.)
  7. Yes, this has all been done, that forum is a wee bit old but proved somewhat helpful, sadly yielding no gains however.
  8. I do infact have the most current ver. of POD Farm 2 installed and verified. as well as the drivers. Although it didn't resolve my issue, I had infact also overlooked my default audio devices. With my setup, I would have had to use the 'Recording Devices' option. I did try 'Playback Devices' and both options simultaneously active for good measure. Thanks for the helpful replies, but sadly you gotta keep em' comin' *edit* I also meant to mention that the correct input has been chosen. (whether or not this means it is enabled may be the difference)
  9. The headache question that's been on my mind since early August. (Had to return a faulty unit) I bought a new setup for streaming, an AT-2035 Mic which I've seen a lot of forum posts surrounding (gulp), a cool boom arm for said mic and the UX2. Although I have seen many forum posts, none seem to answer my question and cut off prematurely due to Mic 1 not being selected. My setup: an AT-2035 is plugged via XLR lead into mic port 1, knobs are at reasonable levels. An aux cable with an adapter is plugged into the hub of my 5.1 surround system to provide audio out. Phantom power is activated and the USB is connected to the back of my PC (motherboard USB 3.0). Dials are lit up orange but I haven't set them up for any readings yet. The software is set to Mic 1 in the mixer using Noise Gate, Compressor and American Classic. (pretty sure all input volumes are up). My question finally is, why is there no audio coming through? I'm not very technical so do go in depth but talk to me like I am a child or I may not understand.
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