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  1. Glad to hear! I think I mentioned in a previous post in this thread (or in a linked thread), that Frank Ritchotte was aware of the issue and claimed it would be addressed in 3.0. Great that they followed through (and I had no doubts that they would!) Just one more GREAT addition in the fabulous 3.0 firmware! They really nailed it with this update. Amazing the value added in this update! ...and I second that you will want HX Edit 3.0 in addition to the 3.0 firmware.
  2. Add me to the list of people saved by this! After a Win10 clean install, neither Helix Native nor Helix Edit would run. Someone on TGP pointed me here and, sure enough, I found that the drive allocated as Disk 0 (non-system) was showing offline. A quick re-seat of a sata cable and I was back in business. On my TGP post, Frank Ritchotte responded promptly and recognized the issue and said it would be addressed in v3.0. (my TGP post is also under "Spemph") Thanks to Camelot_One for the work here and to SwirlyMaple at TGP for pointing me here!!
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