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  1. Answered my own question.... The Headrush is lollipop.... Hands down.... By the time you EQ it to sound good... You've already missed band practice.... gigs... Your child's first birthday etc.... Just get a line 6 powercab... Amazing and barely any EQ required ... Just get one, stop procrastinating and get a powercab. That's it!
  2. Righto! I have seen some love the headrush frfr.... And hate the headrush frfr.... I have seen patch suggestions, EQ, etc... Mine sounds like garbage... I plugged my helix into a cheap $100 powered speaker and it's sound 1000000 times better then the 699 Headrush (Australian dollaree doo's) So what's the go with the headrush frfr? Why does it sound so bad?!? Ok, so yours doesn't sound crap? Share a patch you made. Let's test it out? I'm keen to see if Its just my ears, flavour taste etc. Or it really is a crap frfr.... And yes.... I've seen all the fixes, suggestions etc.... And no, lol.... tweeter isn't broken!!!
  3. scotty_trw

    Headrush FRFR

    I'm hating my Headrush FRFR - 112. I thought it was just my helix patch/EQ etc. Plugged the helix it into a cheap powered speaker instead (super cheap), and it sounded 1000 times better! I'm just getting the "wet blanket" sound.
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