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  1. I am good with just using my Boss TU-3. Helix will be used as a backup. No issues here. I play out every weekend, so I can't rely on the Helix tuner. No worries. Thank you all for the input.
  2. I totally get that, but why would it only do that on the Helix tuner, and NOT my Boss TU-3. Its a brand new guitar btw. Fender Deluxe Tele.
  3. The weird thing mine is doing is on the first string (High E) , its about 3 cents off, and even when not playing, it moves around. All the other strings seem to work fine. Both tuners set to 440hz. I will try to post a video soon. I am not sure what is going on. I should also add that I am on the latest firmware of 2.3.
  4. I have both set for Guitar. Have you checked yours, side by side with another Tuner?
  5. I am past that. My blocks are pretty simple. I am using Snaps, so I I generally am I only using one chain, and the Input is set to Guitar. It just does not work, like the above posted, it seems to sensitive. Solution, I am just gonna keep my TU-3 plugged in. lol
  6. Does anyone else experience lack of accuracy with the Helix on board tuner? I cant get a solid guitar tune with the Helix tuner at all. Below is a process of how I have checked them. On the helix, I have the tuner set to standard 440 pitch, and on my Boss TU-3 I have the same settings. The TU-3 accurately tunes my guitars, but the Helix is off by about -3cents on the some of the higher strings. There is no offsets, and the tuner is set to Guitar. Any ideas? Is this a known issue?
  7. I am new to this forum, but I have had my Helix LT for a few months now. I play 2-3 shows a week, and I have been using my Orange Head and a Carvin 2x12 cabinet for my main setup. I am trying to consolidate down a bit, and I was looking in the Radial JDX Direct Drive, so I can get a similar sound and then just going direct to the main mixer for FOH. Does anyone have any experience with this or a similar setup? My current setup is as follows: Helix 1/4 Out > Orange Head FX Return Helix Guitar IN > Guitar I then use a MIC for the 2x12 cab.
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