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    Expired Token

    This problem has been hanging around since at least 2014 (at least with the Amplifi products). Line6Will is 100% correct, logging out and back in again will solve this. Line6Will - ¿why don't Line6 fix this?, or at the very least change the error from "Invalid Token" to "Please login again"?
  2. Hi all - I got here from the Amplifi forum. The Amplifi (all flavours) seem to have this same problem and it's fixed by logging out and logging back in again - that simple. No need to reset or anything else. I suspect you guy's have the same issue. Hope this helps. Would be a good idea to write to Line6 asking them for updates to fix this problem, its been around for years now and they haven't taken any corrective action.
  3. Great advice madman370 - I can confirm that works (I worked it out some months ago but didn't get back here to post - sorry all). You just need to go to settings and then logout. log back in again an everything works again. You're right, someone from Line6 should maybe sort something out with their software.
  4. Also have this problem - is there any solution? I have all firmware, etc up to date.
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