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  1. Hi, noticed your comment.  I've got a Marshall JCM2000. I've inserted an FX send/return block after my OD blocks as recommended for 4cm. What I'm noticing is that when I full bypass the FX, I can't "get back" to my amp's native sounds. The channel switch LED will change color, but the tone doesn't change at all - and it's not the amp's tone. It's this weird, loud honky tone that doesn't respond to changing Volume, Gain, etc. I have checked the Global Settings to ensure that my sends/returns are in "Line" mode, but I just don't see a way to bypass the FX and use just my amp's tone. I've also noticed that this is the same tone that happens when I select a blank "New Preset". Is there any possible way to use 4cm and still be able to retain my amp's native tone when I want it, or is it an either/or with 4cm? If so, there's really no sense in using any of the OD or Boosts because it would be relegated to the FX loop alone. Hope there's a solution to this. Thanks! 

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