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  1. When I updated everything to 2.80, I rolled back to 2.71. With that said, I didn't rollback HX Edit. Only the unit and it worked just fine. I just did a factory reset of my floor, launched the installer and reinstalled 2.71.
  2. I do. Not going to rehash the obvious issues I stated with the helix tuner to begin with nor my positive opinions about the product.
  3. No one has ever waited on me to tune with my ST300. Works like a charm and super fast. The Helix tuner however....
  4. The argument is not "does it work". Sure it does but poorly in a comparable market (comparable price point that is). I know... I know subjective and I agree with that but to me (like others) feel that it is a poor tuner. Also, stating comparable market is a whole other argument that I'm sure people can/will troll on.... go for it if you want I guess. It is what it is until L6 wants (or even can) do something about it. If I'm going to take a stab at it, I'm going to assume it is a hardware issue or L6 would have fixed it a long time ago. If it isn't hardware, maybe there is hope but I'm not going to hold my breath. More of wishful thinking but I don't think L6 isn't working on it because it isn't a priority. Its probably because there is an issue trying to remedy it. As I have said several times before (and many others), regardless of the tuner issue that the Helix is not going anywhere and will be continued to be used. I think the failure here is that there is a WHOLE lot assuming by one group who feels/thinks that the other group should value what is important enough to "get over it" and "shut up" because it is annoying to them. It is the same point I made above about reverbs vs delays (as an example). tomayto, tomahto.... some people are not happy with the tuner performance. What is wrong with that. Again... it is clear with the amount of debate this has created there is a clear issue. Not enough to steer me away from the Helix.... I'm sure L6 is listening and noting the concerns as they have stated already.
  5. I’m not going to argue To how accurate it is or not but I will say the Peterson tracks and locks a lot better. Same as my ST300. The Helix tuner isn’t in the same playing field as the Peterson or ST300. AGAIN... seriously... I don’t like the Helix tuner so what. Clearly ppl agree. So what. Works for some. So what...
  6. Fanboy as recent because prior I was really only a fan of the EchoPark AND I hated multiFx units. Helix has changed my opinion of it. I guess being a d**k will get your point across? Actually you only support more of what I recently posted. You’re right, a Helix fanboy and first 4 post are about the tuner. Go figure, I guess that means something is up with the tuner haha. So sensitive about his beloved Helix haha.
  7. We are musicians in constant search for the end all solutions. Are we ever happy? haha Everyone has their own reasons to get bent. Its good that the tuner issues is not a big deal to you :) I wished it wasn't with me and I would be 100% happy. Otherwise I will stay 99.99% happy with it.
  8. I think you're missing the point or hey, maybe you're not... who knows. Really in a nutshell the real issue is that a quality tuner is such a fundamental utility that I (along with others) am baffled that the $1500 Helix unit tuner is such a disappointment. Which, L6 claims to be the end all rig solution right? Or is the marketing end all but with an additional tuner to suffice? It would be like buying a Porsche 911 but getting Chinese tires... it would be mind boggling and just doesn't make sense. I digress. But who am I or you to say what is or isn't that important or what is not OR what to get twisted about or not. IMO, this would be the same argument "IF" all the reverbs were nice but all the delays were crap. For $1500 you are naturally going to have people complain and say they expected the delays were better. However, your argument would be that Styrmon makes excellent delays so whats the big deal? :) Same case with the tuner so let people complain and their BP to rise. Its expected when a product fails short of the basic functions like a tuner. Anyways, again, I'm a Helix fanboy so not hater here. "Tuner Gate"... is a valid gripe....
  9. Look, I love the Helix. I think it is a massive improvement over anything L6 has ever made and I've made huge gear changes because I love it that much. However, I think a lot of cats here are trying to make excuses to "let it go" like Elisa and "get over it" to an issue that was a big oversight on L6's parts. Again, love this product and I'm going to live with the issue until (hopefully) there is a solid resolution sometime in the near future. For now, I route to my Turbo Tuner and guarantee my tuning is locked in. Stop making excuses for an under par tuner guys. Seriously talk about drinking the Kool-Aid.... Let's face it, it is a "blah" tuner and for a $1500 product it should perform to its value. Some of us have a lot of experience with quality tuners (way cheaper in cost) and I guess this is as good as a cheap Korg Pitchblack. However, I think the Pitchblack locks in better than the Helix tuner. So yes it is disappointing to see such a great product fail in a very ABC department like tuning. Let everyone continue to chime in about the complaints on the tuner and stop suppressing it. Obviously there is a legit issue and the more we keep this up the more L6 will hear our thoughts and prioritize the issues. Tuning quality may not be important to some however it is a #1 priority to many musicians (including myself) and its clear about the outspokenness of the musicians making note of it. Again, yes it "works" but I guess I'm just baffled how many here pass over the importance of a good tuner. I mean common.... we are paying for a $1500 L6 product.
  10. I'm also very annoyed with the tuner and can't wait for the solution. Works in a pinch but not as steady as it should. ST300 routed up pending a solid fix.
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