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  1. Hello Everyone, I'm trying to record into OBS Studio with my Helix Floor, mixer, then Studio One 4. can someone please direct me with the proper *order of equipment* to achieve this task? I've tried with my Focusrite 2i2 and have had pretty good luck however, Helix is supposed to be a Great audio interface as well "right". I would love to connect my Helix Floor and use it as a audio interface instead of Focusrite 2i2. I'm getting tired of plugging and unplugging all my components for different setups yet, really the Helix "if set up correctly as an audio interface" can handle all my needs. I just need to know the proper order. My final goal is to record guitars, mic through Helix, ability to use my 10 channel mixer going to Studio One 4 and picked up in OBS Studio for a final copy. Any help with proper setup for this method would be Greatly appreciate. Thank you
  2. Hello Everyone, my latest learning curve has brought me to learning how to record a Second Audio track in Studio One 4 as a DI track using Output 7 which is a Dedicated Direct signal to a DAW from Helix. Example, while recording guitar on First Audio track 1 Processed through Helix sounds great, yet, can't seem to record unprocessed signal from Helix on track 2. I tried using Reaper as a DAW along with my Helix floor/Native and the idea works fine. However, all my effects are in Studio One 4. Jason Sadites has a good video on the subject but No information using Studio One. Thank You for your help.
  3. How can I adjust the tension on my Helix Floor Expression Pedal? The expression pedal is too stiff! Need to loosen it up. Thanks
  4. Hi Everyone. As we all have been in lock down, I have been wanting to ZOOM my band mates. Does Helix Floor work well as an interface for Zoom video's? And if so, do I need to Add a Mic Block to All my presets in order to communicate with my mates? Can anyone point me in the right direction as to the proper connections to do this. I am using Studio One 4, Windows 10 laptop and Helix Floor connected to ZOOM. Will this work for teaching guitar lessons? Thank You for your time. Be safe
  5. I am finding no solutions to why I am getting so much interference when connected to Native. Currently, my set up is; guitar to Scarlett 2i2 with sample rate 4800-128 switched to instrument, running Studio One 4 in Windows 10 at 4800. Monitor switched (on) in track one of DAW. Track Volume levels down -30db, Main level showing -30db. My preset patch is too hot and full of static. As I sit here and write this to you I'm looking at my Native main level jumping up to -6db yet nothing is activated. Can someone explain to me what I am or am not doing right with my current signal flow? Thank you for your time. PS, when working with my Helix Floor, I have No interference issues using the same presets.
  6. Thanks for advice I should have added more info! I'm using SM 57 dynamic mic, plugged into Helix Mic in put XLR. Mic gain 30db in Global Settings. Are you saying I need to open an empty preset and just add Mic source Input Block? And then USB 1/2 Output block?
  7. I'm having issues working with OBS and other programs like Zoom and my Line 6 Floor Microphone set up. Do I need to create a separate Block in HX Edit in order to use my microphone as my go to Microphone/interface with Helix? When working with OBS Labs or Zoom these programs see, but can't connect to Helix as a Microphone set up. Is there something in Global Settings I need to be switching on/off? Thank you
  8. Studio One can not initialize Helix! Is there something in Global Settings that I need to check Thank you
  9. Is there someone who can give me a step by step run down of how to set up my SM58 to the Helix Floor. I can't find any information on this topic. Yet, I see on Youtube many videos but, No installation instructions on settings. I have my SM58 connected but, No sound. What are the proper settings I am not following? Thank You
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