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  1. Here it is-http://shop.line6.com/promotions/pedals/
  2. Am I missing something? Are these the same pedals that everyone else is charging $130.00? The line 6 promo even lists them for $99.99 before the markdown. What's the difference? Seems to good to be true. Thanks!
  3. DunedinDragon, I appreciate your reply and what you said makes perfect sense. This really helped and I do not plan on messing with the powered speaker. It's pretty decent for what it is... Cruisinon2, the wheels were turning, the wheel is working well so I'm not fixing it!! Thanks!
  4. Hi Line 6 community, I have a ev elx 12 powered speaker that I use with my helix. I also have a vintage ev 12L speaker sitting around and am thinking about switching the stock speaker out for the 12L. I know it's a lot heavier and fuller sounding speaker with a very flat response. Question is, will this work, are they compatible? Or would this be a waste? Any thoughts or experience would be very helpful. Thanks! Justin Ps-this is my first post here
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