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  1. I've attached a preset. This is for an HX EFFECTS in case that makes a difference Here's what I'm trying to do: I'm in Stomp mode. Using Command Center, I have set it up so that Snapshots 1-4 are controlled by Footswitches 2-3-5-6 - this puts them all in a square where Snapshots are in Snapshot mode, the order is just slightly different. SS1, on FS6 is Chorus. Chorus Block is Engaged, other two Mods bypassed. Gain and Reverb pedals are on (and are on all 4 SS). SS2, on FS3, is Flange. Flange engaged, other two mods bypassed, and so on. SS3 is on FS2, and that's Phaser same way as the above. SS4 is on FS5, and all three of the mods are now off, for a bypass that'll kill any mod. _____ This is so I can switch from chorus to flange, or chorus to phaser, or phaser to flange, or any combination which will engage the single effect I want, and turn off the other effect. And the 4th is a bypass to turn whichever one is on, off. ____ Now, I want two delays - one 1/4 and one dotted 1/8. FS 1 is to toggle between those two. Now what I want to do, is be able to bypass or engage the delay, and be able to "silently" change from one to the other while bypassed, then step on the bypass switch to engage whichever one is selected. ____ But here's the issue: I thought I had figured out that Split Block. But, it appears the Snapshot Bypass doesn't work on the Split Block. What I want is, to turn on the delay with the mods bypassed, and then turn on the Chorus SS without having the Delay go off. This will work with a regular bypass - like I could put each delay on FS 1 and 4, and just turn on the one I want, and the SS will keep whatever state it's currently in as I switch between them with "Snapshot Bypass" unchecked in HX Edit. I've tried a number of ways to get this to work - one is by using FS4 to toggle between the A and B returns in the Merge circle. The other is to toggle between the A and B sends in the Split circle. The power on switch on the Split Circle makes no sense to me. But it does seem to affect what I do. So the problem has become, I can get this to work in a single Snapshot, and sometimes in a couple of Snapshots, but it won't work in all 4. If you load this preset up now the light on FS4 should stay on as you move between SSs. But, the delay will be ON on SS1 and SS3 or some combiniation like that. I have taken a working SS and copied it to the other 3, and reset everything. I've cleared and redone the assignments for FSs a number of times. I've started from scratch again. Nothing seems to work. It's like it halfway works, but this is as close as I can get (well, once I had only SS3 not working and the other 3 did). I notice that when I switch to one of the SSs that don't work right, the B level goes up to 100. If I grab the slider in HX Edit and move it back to A, it'll stay for one go around but then when I come back it'll be back to B again. I've checked all the SS and they all look the same, except for this going back to B. I've gone on the pedal and changed the Min/Max values - but that won't hold either. ____ All I want is a simple on/off - A/B loop. I want to press FS4 and have it go thorough the B Path, which will go through either delay that's on, and press FS4 again and have it go through the A path (no delay). And I want to be able to pick any of the 4 Snapshots and have the state of the loop as well as the delays remain the same - the delays will, but I can't seem to get the loop to do it. My only conclusion is that Split Blocks don't respond to Snapshot Bypass off - but on the other hand it seems to work inconsistently. But there's just as good a chance that I've missed something or am doing something wrong. I'd love to know if you can do it though. Mod_Delay.hlx
  2. You've never heard of Momentary and Latching switches? Here's one instance: Selecting FS1-6 displays Knob 1 (Switch Type) on the second page. Press and turn Knob 1 (Switch Type) to select “Latch[ing]” or “Moment[ary].” Page 36 of the HXFX manual. Momentary is when you press a switch it changes and when you release it it goes back. Latching is when you press it and it stays until you press it a 2nd time. Maybe I'm using the wrong words for the preset mode, but when you press the mode button and it moves from Stomp mode to Preset mode, there are two options - you can select a preset and it stays in preset mode, or you can select a preset and it returns to Stomp mode. In the latter, the Presets are flashing.
  3. OMG - and DOH - I just figured it out. What I realized finally that while yes, you have to assign something to change the A Level and B Level, doing that with a Delay in the loop cuts off the tails of the delay. I didn't think for a while to make the SPLIT part move from "Even" to Path A or Path B. When I did that, the problem was solved - I could toggle to Path B, and back to A, and when I did the tails carried over. And there wasn't the volume discrepancy. I thought it should work in an "or" fashion, but it wasn't clear that you had to assign the split or merge until your last message, but then I only thought about the merge - now that I've got the split everything's hunky dory. I'll download yours tomorrow and try it and see if it's the same solution I came up with. It should have been way easier to figure out than this though....
  4. Thank you, I've read through that multiple times, and have seen some videos on it. What it doesn't tell you, is that pretty much you HAVE to use the "return" and set up something to "toggle between" the two return paths. Silly me thought it would be logical and the return would be "synced" to the switch (at least by default), such that when you choose to send on A, it's going to take the return from A, and when you send on B, it's going to take the return from B. It was far more convoluted than that. Also a bit counterintuitive is that it pretty much works if it's engaged and bypassed. The bypass state only really matters when you do Snapshot Bypass off, so it can remain on whichever path you're currently on when switching Snapshots (since the return doesn't have any kind of Snapshot Bypass On/Off). I figured it out though. PS thanks for the patch, but I have an HX Effects so it won't open on it. I appreciate the effort nonetheless.
  5. Thanks. Last night I did change the Mode - and it behaved as expected. I think what happens is when you're in Preset Momentary mode, it will change, but the display looks like it's waiting for input (flashing). I switched it to latching and just stayed in Stomp mode and everything changed as it should. It's better that way anyway because if I'm going to change a Preset individually on the 2nd unit I don't have to use the momentary thing because it would only happen when I have plenty of time to do it.
  6. Claus, here's what I think your problem is because the same exact thing happened to me. You have to go into Snapshot 1, and set the 3 Footswitches to SS 1, 2, and 3, by going to the "Press and Release" behavior and setting Press to be SS1, SS2, and SS3 for each FS - by default, they're on "NEXT" and this is why when you get to 3, it goes to the next SS - 4. If you didn't do this right you won't notice it on SS 1 if you're going to 2 or 2 going to 3, because it'll go to 2 from 1, and 3 from 2 since those are the "next" one. So that's probably why you only see it behave this way on SS3. But here's the catch - you have to do this whole setup a total of 3 times! So in SS 1, you set each FS to the appropriate SS to pick. Then, you close Command Center and change to SS2, then set up the 3 buttons again to the proper things to pick (I did mine in HX Edit and command center window automatically closes when I go up top to pick the next Snapshot). Then you close CC and change to SS3, then set up the 3 buttons again to the proper things to pick. So each SS has to know what FS are for SS1, 2, and 3 - if you're in 3, and you press FS5 to go to SS2, I bet if you look in there when you edit the Command Center buttons it's going to say "next" under press and release behavior and not 2. It's a little counterintuitive at first but when you start to think about it it makes sense. But basically, programming the 3 footswitches in Snapshot 1 only programs those for Snapshot 1. When you press one of them and go to SS2 or 3, you haven't yet assigned the FSs in SS2 or 3 to take you on to 3 or back to 1 - when you open Command Center they'll have green indicators showing they're "programmed" but the settings are not FS4 to SS1 and FS5 to SS2 - it'll be like FS4 to SS "next" instead. So you have to go through and manually set the FSs to take you to where you want them for each Snapshot.
  7. What I would like to do is make an "internal FX Loop" within a path in the HX Effects. Let's say I put two delays in a "loop" with one set to a fixed time, and another set to a note value. Yes, I realize there are other ways to do this but bear with me. So what I want to do is bypass the loop so neither Delay is making any sound, then turn on the one I'm about to use, then un-bypass the split so the Delay is now "online". This way, one could, for example, have a few blocks that could be brought on and off line, where one might want to change those effects "silently" while the loop is bypassed, and have them on when the loop is re-engaged. Logic tells me I should use the Split A/B for this. But I can't figure out how to make the A path shut up while the B path is engaged. You're driving down the road and you take a right, then a left, then stop at house, then continue, take a left, and take a right again and you're back on the main road. That's Path B. Path A would simply be driving straight through. But when I select Path B it's like the car is split in two and follows both roads at the same time. I mean it is called a "split" block, but it seems like it's "Y" (both) or A AND B rather than A OR B. Can I do A OR B? and just toggle between them?
  8. Yeah, definitely not. Good point. I can do that. I suspect though it's more likely just the mode behavior. I'm going to test it out more fully tomorrow. Right - it's only going one direction! That was my thinking - I could change it independently on HXFX2 if I wanted to, but always "call it back home" by reselecting the same preset on HXFX1, or have them both move together to the next one.
  9. Hello, I've connected two HXFX in a row, and connected a MIDI cable so that when I change presets on the first, it will change it on the second as well. I kind of came across what looks like odd behavior - as if one was 0-127 and one was 1-128. Since both were new and the factory presets were there, I realized they were "one off" - that is, the setup that was Preset 2A on one was actually in 2B on the other (or 1D). I think what's happening is that I have it in Stomp Mode, but to return to Stomp when a preset is selected. So what I've noticed is that if I go out to preset mode on the 2nd, it's flashing, as you'd expect. So I'm not sure if the MIDI PC message is actually selecting 2A on both units, or if it's still on the previous preset waiting to have the button pushed on the 2nd unit? Or should I just leave it in Stomp mode and assume it's automatically going to happen and stay on the same Preset. I don't need to leave Stomp mode - I just had them both set the same so I could check.
  10. Hello, I just received a 2nd HX FX. The first one came with this power supply: The new one came with this instead: What gives? I don't want two different ones - I want them both to be the same - the long rectangular one, though goofy, I've started to plan around and get an outlet strip so two of them can fit side by side. Now this one faces the other dircection....
  11. I think - I think I saw a solution for this if I understand what you're asking for. I just asked about Snapshot Bypass yesterday and rd2rk answered my question similar to yours - it only affects the bypass state. But someone had an issue with Delay where they had two different times - so 300 ms and 600 ms - and they wanted it to stay on whichever one it was last on when they changed snapshots. You use the "discard" or "recall" kind of function for changing shapshots. Unfortunately though, this will probably affect all the blocks in the path, and it might not be able to be used in combination with Snapshot Bypass. Let me see if I can remember what I searched for and find it. Sorry - I searched a bit and couldn't find it. I know it was on this forum though. Seems like it was a "workaround" - i.e. you had to go in and program the min/max time values (in this example) in each snapshot, and then have it discard the changes so that when you went from SS1 to SS2, if you had the Delay on the lower time, it would stay there. Again though, I think that setting is going to affect all the blocks in that SS so if you're making other changes it might not be useful - or I could be wrong and it just won't work at all - sorry if that's the case, just trying to offer help - I just found out about Snapshot Bypass yesterday and it's the thing I've been looking for for a year and no one discusses it anywhere, so there are often things you can do, but aren't as obvious or no one else has done them, so they're hard to figure out. Hope you can get it to work or figure out a decent alternative.
  12. Yes probably. It's where you can make a FS take you to SS2 when you're on SS1. Then once in SS2, that same FS can now take you back to 1, or you could set it to take you to 3, and so on.
  13. This is not the answer to my prayers (exclusive FS groups would be) but this may be close. As I understand it, you can have the LT set to 4 Stomps and 4 Snapshots. Then you can have 4 stomps each assigned to a footswitch but NOT have their state change when switching snapshots using snapshot bypass, correct? That brings up a couple of other questions: If you are in Stomp/Snap mode, and have the up/down buttons set to Snapshot, what happens if you press "up". Does it just go up one, or does it show 5-8? What would be tres cool is if I could get to SS 8 by going down 1 from 1, or to 5 by going up 1 from 4. Even if they didn't display. I know about the new "snapshot stacking" feature but I'm not sure how I'd implement that yet because it doesn't give all possible combinations. But at least being able to add a snapshot on either side, where I could still press 1 of the 4 buttons to get back to 1-4 would be really handy.
  14. A-ha - Thanks. The Pod Go was looking like a no-go again, and this really cinches it.
  15. Ahh, an elegant solution! I should have thought of this. So long as there are no grounding or impedance issues... Reason I didn't is because I was thinking to send to the FX, then come back in, and have the volume pedal last in line to do a final min/max volume for the whole chain. I was planning to use an HX FX in the loop. What I could do though is put the Volume Pedal in the FX instead of in the Go (where it already is, using up a block...which is why I wanted to make use of it since it was already there and without the hack you can't get rid of it). You haven't been with Line 6 very long have you? :-) To use their words, they do some boneheaded things - every device has something goofy. I mean, look at the power supply... The "Amp Out" should be able to go to an Amp. A Guitar Amp. A Combo Amp. Not just a Power Amp In input. IOW it should not go through either the Amp or Cab blocks by default. You should be able to choose which ones it does. Main out goes to both by default, amp out goes to neither by default. Then switch on the ones you need on the Amp out if you're running into a Power Amp In and either need or don't need the Cab IR. Thanks for your suggestion though I think that might be my simplest solution.
  16. Oh, oh, they got me yet again. So the way I'm reading this is, the Amp Out Source can bypass the Cab/IR, but it DOES NOT bypass any Amp Block in the chain. I'm not playing an amp with a Power Amp in. My goal was to have a signal with BOTH Amp and Cab going to front of house, and then a signal with NEITHER Amp and Cab going to my Amp onstage. But it appears this is impossible using the Amp Out jack. Am I right? Instead, it looks like the only way to do this is use the FX loop Send as an out to the amp, placed before the Amp and Cab blocks, and then the amp and cab blocks going to the Main Output. But I wanted to use the FX loop for an FX loop. So then I'm either doubling up the amp - sending a go amp into my amp's input (which may not always be horrible) or if I bypass the amp all I'm getting is a Cab emulation on the FOH signal - how's that going to be?
  17. I'm fairly sure it's capable of this, but just to be 100% sure: Could I assign the Wah to an external Expression Pedal (EXP2) and use it as a switchless wah? Then keep the internal pedal as EXP1 to run to Volume and put the Volume pedal at the end of the line - last thing before the outputs?
  18. Thanks. Someone just brought it up on another forum and I wanted to be sure before I commit.
  19. I know it sounds crazy, but I was thinking about using 2 HX devices, such as a Go and HX Effects together. Most likely the HX Effects would be in the Effects Loop of the Go. Someone on another forum raised the point about latency going through 2 digital devices rather than 1. One of the Line 6 people has said that the Go actually has less latency than the Floor/LT because it's only going through one DSP, not two. Though of course, by my combining 2 units, I could be at or exceeding what the LT/Floor actually have. One thing I'm not sure about - is this kind of latency "input to output" - that is, something I'm going to notice when playing live, direct to an amp (and/or FOH)? I'm not as concerned about latency in recording - I mean I am, but I'd probably only use the Go by itself for recording (or record through the Effects into a different interface and use Amp sims in the DAW. For the "but why would you do this" crowd - I want 2 sets of 4 snapshots rather than 8 (more combination options) and it gives me 4 expression pedals. It also gives me a "break apart" rig I can use for smaller gigs - just the Go, or just the Effects - some shows I just need a couple of drives and a mod and a delay, and play into an amp with no amp/cab needs, so the Effects would be perfect. Some shows I would play direct to PA, so having the Go would be helpful. Also, if one goes down, you've got something to get you through the show. But if it's going to cause latency issues for live performance beyond what the LT/Floor have, and impedance issues, or anything like that, I could live with an LT. Thanks in advance for help/experience.
  20. Thanks BobCoss. That's really what I needed to hear.
  21. Thank you for that! Maybe I was just holding my pick wrong at the time. It certainly didn't seem that straightforward as I was trying it but maybe because I was trying to do more than just a simple loop it could have gotten more confusing. It is nice to know now that basic loop functionality should work as expected for both a typical Loop pedal as well as Aux Send/Return kind of functionality.
  22. Oh I do, believe me. However, it's that 10% that gets me - stuff that's not addressed in the manual and not easy enough to find out online For example, I had to come here specifically to ask if this device will run these effects. Nowhere in the manual is this addressed. It just says "up to" and "dsp permitting". There's no way to tell which combination of effects will be possible and which won't based on the manual. The other things I asked, OK, yes maybe I missed those.
  23. I was trying to emulate the M and 4 series switch capabilities by putting 2 drives in a S/R loop, and assign a single FS to toggle between them. Then I assigned another FS to bypass/engage the loop. This way I could "pre-set" which drive would be on when the loop was engaged, and have either, but not both (which is the way the 4 series worked and a column on the M series worked). I have found L6 products to be quite intuitive in the past and there are often "tips and tricks" or "secret operation" things to be discovered in the manual, so I did read it, and I do, as another poster suggested, look through the manuals to determine if a product appears to do what I need it to do. Once I couldn't figure out easily how to do this loop I did go through the manual, but again, the behavior didn't seem logical to me. I did in fact get it to work, so I'm not saying it doesn't work, I'm just saying that I personally found it to be more cumbersome than I expected it to be. But that's a little nag. So we can call it user error and be on our way. The other issue was told to me by Line 6 specifically and they said "it's our fault". The effects were under-reporting their DSP usage so additional effects were NOT greyed out like they were supposed to be. I put in a Twin Reverb, 2 Echorecs and a 63 Spring, and then when scrolling to try to add any other effect, I could get to the effects screen and then it would just freeze as I was scrolling through. Nothing was greyed out anywhere. It would just lock up and I'd have to restart. L6 told me those legacy effects are under-reporting and I just happened to come on a combination that caused this - or maybe, thankfully, made them aware of it. They said it would be addressed in the "next" update but at the time (about a month ago as of this message) I didn't know when that was going to be. They may have already addressed it. As for the number of effects: I appreciate those who've tried it but it seems you tried it on a Helix...a Floor or LT? And the other person tried it on the software only. I was hoping for someone to try it on the HXFX (HX Effects) specifically. Thanks for your help.
  24. I'd love to see step by step instructions for the settings for this (or rather, I would have at the time) because I tried all the combinations I could think of. It didn't matter what I did, the dry signal still came through. IIRC some of the settings would make it be 100% dry even with the loop on, but getting 100% wet without the dry signal also passing was impossible. The loop itself was 100%, but the dry signal path couldn't be disengaged without my putting another block in there to mute it. At this point I can't sit down and replicate the issue, but that it wasn't you just put a pedal in the loop and engage/disengage the loop without messing with a bunch of settings. That's the way it should be, and that wasn't the way it was.
  25. That may be true, and I didn't want to get into this, but it seems "more seamless" when the effects are largely the same or not changing states than when you're changing to a more extremely different set of effect. So two Scenes with all the same effects but just different ones engaged and bypassed is pretty darn seamless. But having a completely different set of effrects in different states seemed a little more noticeable. In fact, IIRC some things, like let's say a drive with a high gain but a low volume, would often "pop" as it changed because it seems to me that the drive processed slightly before the volume so it would come through for milliseconds at a higher volume then suddenly drop down. So it seemed more "abrupt" the more differences there were between the effects. That seems to make sense. But, as you said, it was "more seamless" and that's "more better" if you want as seamless a transition as possible.
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