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  1. Hi everyone, I have a question regarding switching the mix (or any other effect parameter) via snapshots. I try to keep it brief. I use a fair amount of effects and the following scenario is very common for me: Snapshot 1 - "Cleanish" with Delay and reverb at 15-20% mix Snapshot 2 - Very wet with Reverb at 85% and delay at 35% mix Snapshot 3 - High gain rhythm without reverb or delay Both delay and reverb have their trails set to "on". With this type of setup the delay and reverb are bypassed in snap 3 but the mix is naturally set to one specific value. What happens now is when switching from snap 2 to 3 the reverb trail dies off if I set the reverb mix in snap 3 to the levels of snap 1 (20%). If I set the reverb mix to 85% in snap 3 the reverb trail gets super loud when switching from snap 1 to 3. Is there any way to keep snapshot 3 from changing the reverb mix? So that it stays at 85 when switching from 2 to 3 and stays at 20 when switching from 1 to 3? The only other solution I can think of is to put 2 separate reverbs into the signal chain. I'd like to avoid that for DSP reasons since I'm running stereo. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. wikkimillis

    Power Amp Choice

    The mooer baby bomb definitely has a noise floor that cannot be ignored, but is not too apparent in a rehearsal space. It is definitely a bigger issue in a quieter environment. I don't think it colors the sound too much, but it's hard for me to say since I cannot compare it directly to something else. Since it's solid state it should not color that much. There is a bright/warm switch though to compensate for any dullness. For the price it's hard to find anything too wrong with it. A Seymour Duncan powerstage might feel a bit more polished and higher quality nonetheless.
  3. wikkimillis

    Power Amp Choice

    I'm using the helix with a mooer baby bomb into a guitar cab. It's loud enough for a rehearsal space but way too loud for home application. This is where a EHX 5mm is a good solution. Splitting the signal and routing it without cab sim to the 1/4" outs is the way to go for me. Obviously depending on your budget and the application you're looking for you can look into a little pricier alternatives but for 100 bucks you can get a lot of power and for your money with the mooer.
  4. I've had very good experiences with a Mooer Baby Bomb. I setup my presets where I route the signal without cab sim to the 1/4" outs and then use this tiny power amp to fire up the usual guitar cab in the rehearsal space. I'm not rehearsing every week and am not a pro but if you happen to have a guitar cab anyway you can get the full guitar amp in the room feel for 100 bucks (pretty much the cost of the baby bomb). And it's loud enough in my opinion. If you already have a cab you like sitting around somewhere, a powercab is basically 1000 bucks too much in my opinion. But I guess all depends on what you want to do with it.
  5. Absolutely. I would either love to have a stereo IR block available or be able to place the outputs anywhere I want and not lose my stereo signal by putting a mono fx loop in a stereo path.
  6. I'm liking this model a lot. After playing for about half an hour this is already my favorite high gain amp within Helix. But does anyone know why line 6 left out a couple of those tone shaping switches? As far as I know the high gain channels on this amp come with additional bright and contour switches. Would have been cool to have those available as well.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm still relatively new to Helix but I feel like I have a grasp on the basics of routing signals in this unit. There are 2 things I want to incorporate in every single one of my presets: Stereo output over XLR since I'm using a lot of reverb and delay for recording purposes. Routing a signal without cab sim/ir to 1/4" output to connect to a power amp + cab in a rehearsal room and at home without going into a computer. To make this possible I'm currently using the built in dual cab blocks, so I can put stereo fx in front of the cab block and split the signal after the stereo effects to route a signal without cab sim to the 1/4" out. Since IRs can be loaded into a mono block only, I would then need to put all my stereo fx after the IR block and then duplicate these effects onto a separate path to the 1/4" out which is not great DSP wise. I hope you guys can follow along. Is there any possibility that in the future we might get stereo IR blocks in a firmware update, so we can load 2 IRs into a single block? I believe the axefx has this feature. Or might there be another way to incorporate IRs into a preset which still fulfills the 2 requirements I have when building my presets? I'm still new here, so I hope someone has some insight into this issue. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
  8. wikkimillis


    I don't think the tuner is as great as a polytune 2 for example, which I was using before. It's pretty jumpy, but I can deal with that. My main problem with the tuner is that it just does not properly register on 5 string basses. I use a drop-A tuning on my 5 strings, which is basically just tuning the lowest string a full step down. Not that unusual. Helix simply does not register anything lower than the regular B-string. It's pretty annoying having to fret a note on the lowest string just to get the tuner to register, especially since this is not an exotic tuning at all.
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