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  1. @Steveclerget Thanks! FRFR speaker from Line6 is expensive! And I certainly don't need 1000W for a 10' x 10' room. I'm not sure if the Alto TX8 8" Active Loudspeaker counts as FRFR or not, but 120W and $129 is something I could budget. I've read "good things" about the Alto TS series.. seems my local Guitar Center carries this in store, so I might have to pack up the rest of my rig and go try it out this weekend. @robertgoddard this is useful info but a little over my head. Firehawk is the first FX thing I've owned aside from a "grunge pedal" that I've used long long ago. I don't know much about this stuff, but I figure that I want to get "the most" out of the Firehawk that I can... so if I can't find any "cheap" (inexpensive, not junk) speaker I guess I will consider a combo amp with a bypass input like you mentioned.
  2. I just got my Firehawk yesterday, planning to use with my Shuriken. I will see if the same thing happens. But, I expect since Spank position 1 is Bank #7 position 1 on the Shuriken, and Bank #7 position 1 of other JTV's is Semi position 1, that it's just using the bank#/position# mapping. Using the pilot guide for both JTV & Shuriken we could probably define the mapping. Will let you know if I find anything different.
  3. I just received my Firehawk FX today and it seems I'm going to have a lot of fun with it! I so far tested the firehawk with headphones only, but want to get an amp or speaker. Not sure I read things right, but it sounds like if I use a "regular amp" something like a 80-120W Crate amp, that I would have to use the "amp" output mode, and the amp/cabinet modeling would be lost. Is that correct? Or does the amp/cab modeling still take place? If I need a speaker, instead of an amp, could anyone make some recommendations in the $100 level? (Shuriken + Firehawk broke my wallet) Do I need an XLR input, or is 1/4" input speaker adequate or less expensive maybe? Thank you!
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