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  1. Hi datacommando,


    I'm uploading version 2.0 firmware (for the first time) (Mac OSX) for my Helix floor controller. Doing this so I can back up my patches in case any problems occur when further updating to the latest (2.81) firmware. Two questions: 1. Line 6 Updater is asking me to complete the 2.0 update by 'resetting globals and restoring factory settings'. Helix seems to have kept all my patches fine, so is this necessary, and if so, how's that done? and 2. When updating to 2.81 will the 2.81 firmware automatically find my patches and settings from 2.0 and install them ... ?

    Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 15.02.47.png

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    2. simon1808


      No, thanks, you've been great. Truly I don't know why anyone would be generous enough to give so much of their time on this. Me, I take the view (unlike many, I know) that although it's fine that making music requires a degree of technical input, there comes a point where it's about the music, and you just want the gear to work. You're not the only one who's needed a drink in the past couple of days ... but thanks for getting me to The Other Side https://thewooddemons.bandcamp.com/track/the-other-side


      Cheers, Simon

    3. datacommando


      Shades of Hawkwind "Mirror of Illusion" in those Wood Demons folk – in fact reminiscent of many things from when I was an art student in the late 60s. Cool

    4. simon1808
  2. Thanks for being so clear about updating to the latest Helix 2.81 firmware. My problem is that I can't back up the previous HX edit for my Helix 2.0 because I don't have any HX edit on my Mac. So where can I get the 2.0 compatible HX edit forward to download so I can back up to it, then safely update to 2.81?

    1. datacommando


      Hi Simon1808,


      Not a problem, other than you didn’t specify if you need v2.0 Edit for Mac OS or a version of Windows. Therefore what you need to do is go to the Line 6 download page and from the “- All Software - ” menu select HX Edit, then from the “ - All OS - “ menu select your operating system, then click on the GO button. This will take you to the relevant page where you need to scroll all the way down through the lists until you arrive at the section marked as Version 2.00 Released 7/6/16. Read, study and inwardly digest the “Read Me” notes, then click the blue button marked “GET DOWNLOAD” and wait for the 87MB file to land on your computer. Simple. Then proceed with caution!


      Hope this helps / makes sense

      Good luck and enjoy your Helix.



    2. simon1808


      Thanks Datacommando. (Actually, MacOSX) :-) The problem I had (I guess others might have, too), is  not scrolling down to the bottom of the page - because it's headed so it looks like only the latest download. Thanks again. 

    3. datacommando


      No problem, happy to help. As you now know it’s quite away down the page and if you don’t know where find it, it’s easy to miss. The whole download area is confusing. Recently I had someone contact me because while looking for HX Edit by mistake they also selected Helix from under the “- All Software -“ section. Disaster! Their download turned out to be the now obsolete, very first librarian software named “Helix”. All good fun.


      Happy trails.

  3. I'm just starting with Helix and have the same problem - I'm simply running the unit through an amp, so nothing complicated. Say I want to use 3 or 4 different presets in the same song. If I use a gentle sound preset/patch that already has volume 10.0 dialled in, it's too quiet alongside one of the louder presets for a louder section. I can't turn up the quiet preset to match a much louder preset later in the same song. I'd like to preset all my settings to a good volume balance for our entire set. But I can't see how to do that.
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