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  1. also found these female 2.1 connectors on Amazon - no soldering.. I have a bunch extra I'm happy to mail to any budding electricians out there... just message me.
  2. Back ordered it from Sweetwater.... I will still attempt to mod a cable (9v>5v) but man, really is a poor design. Thanks Boss!
  3. I'm also hoping to solve this (super annoying) problem. this step down adapter seems like it could do it? Obviously need to get the correct 2.1mm connection on the upstream side but looks like the correct USB plug... And hopefully no fidelity issues as previously mentioned. I'll probably go ahead and try to cobble it together. DC DC Converter step down Module 6-30V 9V 24V 12V to 5V micro USB OUTPUT power
  4. JOE - --- Thanks! I was hoping there would be a way to do that... really appreciate the step by step - still waiting on my receiver (holiday shipping) but excited to get this going....
  5. Hi all - I'm curious: anyway to use 2 G10 transmitters (for two different guitarist) with a G30 and a G50...? I will only have one G10 reciver base (doesn't fit into my rack set up, plus the power supply thing is inconvenient - got a separate charging cable t remedy - thus the extra steps). I was thinking one could pair the first G10T, find the same channel on the G30, then turn of the base. Repeat for the G50 in hopes that it "sees" that the first channel is in use , and picks another to pair the second G10t. Hopefully it is between channel 1 and 12 so the G50 can find it... I will have this set soon so hoping something like this order of events will work - it seems silly you can't assign the channel! I'll report back if I can get it to work...
  6. Thanks for the quick response - I bought it by itself so I don't have the receiver. I suspect it may be as you say so looks like I'll buy the compete set and see if I can teach it to be on channel 6 (or lower). It sound like it just "negotiates" with the receiver, so hopefully it just goes to channel one unless there is an issue... The power supply and form of the g10 receiver won't work buried in my rack set up thus the screwing around.... thanks for your help!
  7. Hi Joe - I just got a g10t transmitter, and it doesn't want to work with my g30 or my pals g50... Scrolled through all the different channels to no avail. I bought it used but looks new. Charged it up with separate charging cable, seems fully charged (green indicator light) Wonder if there is a calibration or reset that still needs to be done? Thanks for the help!
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