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  1. Hi BillBee I fixed it :D I uninstall all Line 6 programs and install the newest version of the monkey, so I install the drives and select just the drivers of the pod X3. So a installed the newest falsh memory and it worked :) Thank you so much for tried to help me. Hey, I would like to ask, Do you think pod HD500 is so much better than pod x3 live? Thank you BillBee, have a good day.
  2. Hi BillBee, thank you for answer. I tried it, but no software appear with the "achieved" button selected. I selected: Pod X3 Live Flash memory Windows 8 achieved I tried to change the Windows 8 for others but no software appeared. Do you know other way to Download this file? Thank you very much
  3. Hi, how are you? My line 6 pod x3 live is having this problem. How do I get the 1.0 firmware? Where could I download it? Thank you, please help me. Vitor.
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