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  1. What is RTM? I set global tx to off. One more question. When I start using snapshots, are only 4 total or 4 for every preset?
  2. Going from an M13 to an Hx Effects. I can't figure out how to send patch or program changes through midi to my mini amp gizmo. I can't believe this is missing on this unit.
  3. Block on/off state should be saved automatically in a temp area so that when returning to a scene that includes channel switching on a high end multi channel amp you would not have to double every time to get the needed fx block combination. This way you can use scene/stomp combination mode very effectively with a multi channel amp. In my case a 4 ch amp with an RJM mini amp gizmo to do ch switching with midi. The possibilities are endless. :rolleyes: Note, the momentary switch function with trails for time base fx is something I'm looking forward to!!!
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