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  1. PolMol

    Spider V 120 as an FRFR@

    That's why i love my spider ;)
  2. PolMol

    Spider V 120 as an FRFR@

    Well, when you think about it, it just dont make sense from a "comfort point of view". I mean, what's the benefit on going wirelss, if you still have to connect and have cables bewteeen your foot ? Does it rly make a difference where those cable are going, front instead of send/return ? You're not 100% wirelss anymore, dont'ya ?
  3. PolMol

    Spider V 120 as an FRFR@

    Is what i'm doing. Make and empty path on the spider V and you can use with the main input. You can also add anything you want in the path to offload the Somp, maybe you are ok with Spider V own IR, or maybe with the Reverb. Or some more practical and always handy EQ. I was doing this even prior to Stomp, with pre-pedals, to use usb recording from the Spider V. There are only 2 thing to remember..... 1) Relay can be used home/very low volume only and with a noisegate ; it works perfect but get noisy as hell compared to cable, probably bc is not designed to carry such a loud signal ; 2) in the Path, even when you choose No Amp, there's a kind of amp you're using , who just got a volume control set at 70 by default; you've to lower him (see pic) to around 40-50 depending on how loud you're playing /how loud is the signal you're sending into the Spider V front input. For me, at home, 50 is the set that makes no tonal nor noise nor output level difference between going into front input or going into aux-in .
  4. PolMol

    Alt tuning

    thx, that's , sorry if i ask, min or max magnets distance to cords ? After what you said about magnetic field, not sure if it's ok or not i leave my middle pickup screwed all the way down.....
  5. PolMol

    Alt tuning

    Ok, indeed i lowered a bit the action (not at extreme shredder level, just a little bit lower) and lowerer the middle pickup to mach my other guitars. All my guitars have (and i'm used to) lower action, plus the middle pickup "disturb" my picking (i lowerd as well on my strat and the others have HH config). Don't wanna ask to pubblish line6 secret about Variax, but can you tell us factory specs (or point us to where they are available) about minimum and maximum distance magnets and string action a Variax should have to work as intended ? Thanks in advance
  6. PolMol

    Alt tuning

    Thx man, i feel so dumb now, amazing how your ear can trick you. I was sure i was earing a "distorted + effect" second sound but testing recording into a DAW confirmed your "dual tone effect" sydrome. Since you warned about adjusting things on my own, i would like to ask you more . Other than for testing, i lowered at pickguard level my middle pickup, and lowerd the action a little bit. Can this " result in warbling when in model mode, and sounds worse when using Alt Tune." ? I can understand if magnets are too close to strings, but if magnets are more than far and i avoid blending, should't be ok ?
  7. PolMol

    Alt tuning

    Hi, i just got my Variax Standard and i have, listening to mp3 attached, the very same problem. May i ask you what kind of adjustment are needed ? Or is something an end user should not do ? Fyi, almost same as OP, i did a factory reset, installed new firmware, doublechecked on WorkBench magnetic blendig was of, running into a spider V with the G10Relay (so no VDI cable). I've tryied to lower as much as possible, to pickguard level, the middle pickup and using models/alt tuning just in that position, but nothing changed