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  1. P.S. This is only the mag pup's. On the models it works just the way you would expect. Ben
  2. On my Standard the Tone control (first 2/3) really doesn't have much affect, it is only the last 1/3 that really makes a difference. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks Ben
  3. You can still use all the Variax features without the VDI cable. All the models and tunings work via a 1/4 guitar cable. Your Helix or other VDI enabled device will not switch the Variax models (when changing patches) or power it but that is it.
  4. Is the cable a Line6 cable or some other brand? It is really just a network cable with Neutrik ends on it. If it is a Line6 cable most likely it is a bad one. Does the end that does fit fit both the variax and the Helix? Ben
  5. Hi .... have you received the replacement yet? Ben
  6. I am absolutely sure it did need some adjustments. It plays better then it did before you worked on it. Many thanks. I live in an apartment so I always play at low volume levels (louder you don't hear it as much). Thanks much Ben
  7. Ok …. So I got the guitar back and although it was a little better it really still sounded the same. So first thing I did was pull out the Variax 500 and create a model tuned 1 step down. Low and behold it sounded exactly the same as my new standard. So next I pulled the old Guitar Port. Connected the 500 to it and recorded directly into the PC. Wouldn’t you know the play back was perfect … sounds just like you think it should. Next was the Standards turn. Recorded it with the tuning knob set 1 step down directly into the PC. It also sounded just like it should. Bottom line …. I guess you are hearing the standard tuned strings along with what comes out of the speakers. Hard to believe … but it is ….. My apologies to everyone I doubted ….. Thanks All Ben :D
  8. Yes very happy with Line6 support and psarkissian in particular. Ben
  9. Well UPS has pushed back delivery again ..... Now tomorrow .... my guess is they never put it on the truck today. The destination scan was at 8:31am but never showed out foe delivery. Later it destination scan time changed to 1:31pm..... bummer Oh Well
  10. bentele

    factory settings

    Does the amp turn on.... does it word at all? If it works then most likely you can restore the presets. Ben
  11. Well I should know Tuesday how well the repair at Line 6 is. Makes sense if the mag pups are to close to the strings some weird things can happen. Ben
  12. I also had problems with alt tuning on my Variax Standard. Sent it back to Line6 under warranty. See my thread right below yours http://line6.com/support/topic/25019-alt-tuning . Apparently the issue on mine was being caused by the mag pups being out of adjustment. I assume too close to the strings. I am supposed to get it back next Tuesday. Does yours sound like the mp3 files I attached to my thread? Ben
  13. Hi ..... yeah one of the first things I did was make sure the mags were not blended in. The Line6 guy worked on it says the mag pup were adjusted wrong (I assume too close to the strings) which makes sense. When I recorded those sound clips I had the mic about 6 inches from the vetta speaker and I was about 15 feet away so I doubt it picked up the fundamental frequency of the string. But anything is possible .... People get mad at me when I crank it up (live in a small apt) .... LOL But hey if that's what it takes I'm in .... :) I'll post back when I get it back (should be Tuesday) Thanks for the reply Ben
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