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  1. Thanks for the info! I see that the the 1st gen. interface has a transparent case and the 2nd gen. (which probably comes with the JTV when bought new) is the black one. I live in Switzerland and it seems that the 2 Gen. isn't available, new or used, nowhere in Europe... Indeed the seller was using my ignorance - or is ignorant himself - and said, now that I've asked him, that he lost the interface and kit. Before buying it, does anyone here have experience with connecting the 1st gen. interface to a JTV ?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and joined just after buying a jtv-69 used. It came with a battery and a charger, but no digital interface in the case. So my question is: what exactly is needed in order to connect it to my macbook and eventually to workbench hd? will a regular ethernet cable work? do I have to use the line6 cable? even on that cable, it's written that it's meant for digital connection to a PodXT and the like - so I'm not sure that this is meant to be used to connect the guitar to a computer. Maybe it's mentioned somewhere but I honestly could not find the complete info. is the "DVI" the cable itself? or some kind of a converter/adapter? assuming I have the line6 cable, does it connect to a usb or the ethernet port? how does this chain look exactly? If you could help a newbie I would be very grateful!
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