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  1. chris7612

    Boot Loop

    thx, but it does not work. i have tried to reset the pod and it works for a while (1h)..... but then, when i change manualy the sounds at the pod it crashed again... i`m very angry about that. the pod hd is no tool for 20$... why release line 6 no patches for that f...ing bug?
  2. chris7612

    Boot Loop

    Is there any dialog to confirm the reset?
  3. chris7612

    Boot Loop

    Hello, i have a problem with my pod hd. The pod hd has a starting loop!!!! It chrashes and starting new, then the POD crashes again and starts new.... I have the pod connected to my win10 pc and i can record some takes, so long as the POD crashes again :( I have the newest firmware and usb drivers. I have tested older firmware via rollback but nothing helps. The porblem also occur when the pod is not connected to my pc. Can anyone help me?
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