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  1. joestroll

    One volumepedal for two amps. How?

    I dont know about the path. In my opinion, I bought the switch on the recommendation from Geoff Allen at Sweetwater in Indiana. l am able to combining a CLEAN line for the tube amp; pick a channel from the Line 6 Amplify 150 then blend the two amps into one sound. It works and with no hassle other than the purchase of the Lehle Switch and a few cables. Im tired the stereo cable as youre referencing and I too could not get it to work, so I went the next best thing, the LEHLE switch VOLUME? I used the volume pedal on the helix, no problem. Theres also a wah 486? Its almost as good as the wah I have but I went and bought a newer wah, hand wired. Its volume and fuller in my option, but the Helix is spot on replicating VOX sound. I thought about not using the VOX but Im buying to pass these items along to my kids later down the line. Call Geoff Allen at Sweetwater in Indiana, USA SEE BELOW, he really knows his stuff Geoff Allen Sales Engineer Sweetwater Sound, Inc. 5501 US Hwy 30 W Fort Wayne, IN 46818 (800) 222-4700 x1386 Email Me View My Bio
  2. joestroll

    One volumepedal for two amps. How?

    I bought a lehle switch. The guitar to the wah to the helix the follow output to the lehle switch. Btw go to Sweetwater in Indiana. ask for Geoff Allen. This guy knows his stuff It it works just fine joe
  3. I bought a Lehle switch it changes the channels on a tube amp a Gibson as well as the amplify 150. Works perfectly! best joe
  4. joestroll

    External wah-pedal for helix

    Thanks for the tip of the wah in front of the helix, works perfectly!
  5. How do I import the custom tones into the Helix floor model? Wheres the editor for a Mac?