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  1. I just got a Helix and am exploring the Looper section. I would like to be able to fade the looper while still having the guitar output play through. I followed instructions to add an external expression pedal (set up on Exp Pedal 3). While I was able to set up the playback to fade via the pedal, it also fades what I am playing as well. I also want to achieve this in stereo as i run stereo loops with panned parts, etc. I used to use an old Line 6 DDL-4 for loops and one function I loved was that I could set up the loop to fade with my pedal, while still playing through (in mono of course). Made for less choppy endings. Much more fluid than a hard stop. Is their a way to achieve this with the Helix Looper? I'd like to be able to stay "in the box" and not go to an external looper. Thx.
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