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  1. @dukegdl Corrupted presets: does that look like the helix stopping the rebuild on a particular preset... say, preset 37?? Never mind.. I just cycled the power on the Helix and it just woke up and started rebuilding presets from where it left off.. wait.. a... second... now it stopped on Preset #49... cycled power again and it started again.. passed preset 140 and still going.
  2. I have the same as above. Restarted but Helix is no longer recognized. Helix continues to show "Boot Failure, entered Update Model" and editor does not see the helix. Tried various iterations of turning stuff on and off: no effect. Tried moving off of my powered USB hub (only mouse and helix on computer): No effect on Helix or update, successful in raising my concern I really screwed this up. Updater was updated prior to starting the update (running 1.17) Backup completed before update. Windows 10
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