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  1. Cloud_Runner

    Digital input level

    Thanks, I was kinda hoping there would be a global digital input level so I didn't have to edit all my patches.
  2. Cloud_Runner

    Digital input level

    So I've started using the digital input on my Helix rack, but can't seem to find anywhere where I can adjust the input level. Does anyone here know if it's possible to adjust the input level on the digital input? Thanks.
  3. Cloud_Runner

    HD Pro X What software to install

  4. Cloud_Runner

    HD Pro X What software to install

    I've just purchased a secondhand Pod HD Pro X and want to perform a factory reset and then update it. My question is, Line6 has a lot of software available with various different versions. What would be the best combination of software/firmware to install to give the most up to date combination of models and effects? Cheers.