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  1. Just now seeing this again. I know, I do deserve a Christmas card, huh? l'm blessed to have an American-made Tyler Variax too so we know they could afford it. Thanks for the help, Zaphodboy! Onward and upward! Kevin
  2. I want to be able to leave the various guitar presets on the Variax alone (Strat, Lester, etc.) and simply change a preset on my HD Pro and have it change the guitar type at the same time. Anyone know how to do this? How do I save a tuning with the preset as well? Same process? Thanks so much! Kevin
  3. OK, so with VDI, there's never a need to run a separate 1/4" phono out of the guitar as well then, right? VDI carries both. I didn't realize that... and wish to confirm. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm in jfairman's shoes. Reading the MeAmBobbo guide and looking for the Fester 2000 DSP usage guide. Anybody got a copy?
  5. I'd like to see what you could do with the opening on chris tomlin's "forever"... it'll be a challenge. I find my own tones don't end up sounding anything like the record, although they do rock on the choruses. anyway, see what you can do with that and post to customtone if you are happy with the results. good luck!
  6. Not long after I posted above, I did some testing and realized one of my L3Ms (I have two) was bad. That speaker was distorted although muted a bit compared to a blown speaker, so it didn't really surface as an issue until I just ran acoustic guitar through it by itself. Anyway, I still need to do some experimenting with the rig as I just recently got a replacement L3M. I'm running from the HD Pro to a StageScape M20D and then out to an L3S and the two L3Ms... Kevin
  7. merlin, they don't do custom like that. trem is jtv-89 exclusive... Kevin
  8. I was running my HD Pro through stereo monitors and now have to L3Ms. I'm still in the sounding terrible stage... there doesn't seem to be much sophistication in the mids and overall the sound is cluttered. I know I need to make some changes since running in Studio/Direct mode is obviously the wrong way to go. What mode are you folks running in, and if you're running Combo Front or Stack, where are you setting your Focus control? Also, are you just using a Preamp in your presets (if so, which one?) or how exactly are you modeling your amps? Boy, I sure would be appreciative of any help you could give. I want this rig to sing! Thanks, Kev
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