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  1. Looks more like a 300 to me. Looks exactly like my old black one
  2. Twopods

    Helix FAQ

    Found the firmware answers. Snapshots too eh ?
  3. Twopods

    Helix FAQ

    Hi all. Having just recieved my Helix yesterday, and plowing through the faq (all 35 pages ðŸ˜), I cant find a complete summary of firmware changes from v1.0 onwards ? Would there be such a thing ? Having had a quick play with the beast I was amazed how things have come on from my old Pod, BassPod, XTLive, and Variax. I was on here years ago,but couldnt find my old account. I currently have a Boss GP10 and a RR start and I'm wondering if the standard Variax is any better than the old Variax 300 I had ? I ended up selling the insides and body separately 😆
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