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  1. Yes I used 4cm and like I said it sounded great.
  2. Anyone have an idea what the best routing would be? Right now I am trying - Guitar -> HXS lmono in -> Hxfx mono in -> HXFX send -> Amp in. and then the HXS in the amps fx loop. What I want to do is use the HXS preamps on some patches and then be able to use HXFX effects also. I hope that makes some kind of sense lol.
  3. I had a Roadster and the HX Effects sounded great in that loop. My old Recto was horrible.
  4. Bruce_W

    Helix 2.9

    Just joking around Sean, nothing serious. Nice playing on your site
  5. Bruce_W

    Helix 2.9

    Actually, why release 3.0? They could just keep it to themselves, work with it for a while and release 4.0 to us next year with so much more!
  6. Bruce_W

    Helix 2.9

    I guess there is no set date for this update? They are just saying soon?
  7. I think I have the switching working. But……. when I have a preset with a volume block and then add amp switching the volume pedal no longer works.
  8. Trying to get this working on a Runt 50 simple 2 channel amp. Amp foot switch is a tip to sleeve system. Does anyone else have this amp and have it working with channel switching?
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