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  1. bakergtr

    distorted clean sound on high b

    Well I moved the unit away from the computer and it seems to disappear. Let me see if that does it and if not I'll try to send a recording. Thanks, you do know a thin or two and I appreciate your help.
  2. bakergtr

    factory reset

    Thank you hurghanico and pianoguyy
  3. bakergtr

    distorted clean sound on high b

    Thank you but the jazz rivet doesn't have that control. I tried it on the blackface model and it's still there. I've tried several guitars and the strings are good. It seems to be that note anywhere I play it. Ghost note is a good way to describe it.
  4. bakergtr

    distorted clean sound on high b

    I've reflashed this unit and calibrated the pedal and tried the pad but I still get a distortion when I play a b on the second string at the 12th fret on any clean sound I set up including the new roland model. It's a strat with passive pick ups and I've tried several guitars, amps, and going direct. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
  5. bakergtr

    factory reset

    Can someone point me to the procedure. The link for the tutorial is not functional. Thanks
  6. Is there an easy way to reset the hd500x to factory defaults? The link doesn't work on the tutorial.

  7. bakergtr

    Monkey Cannot Connect to Line 6 Server

    I got a response. "I apologize for the delay. You may access your bundle by running our software Line 6 License Manager. Unfortunately, we must apologize as the servers pertaining to this software are currently undergoing maintenance. This issue should be resolved shortly. " All of my drivers and software are up to date but since the licensed manager can't connect I can't access the complete bundle. Thanks for the workaround solution, but it doesn't address the problem I'm having.
  8. bakergtr

    Monkey Cannot Connect to Line 6 Server

    Same problem, monkey and license program can't connect to server.