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  1. Thanks for the information. I am no longer in a band due to being mistreated by the other members, but I'm glad to know that I will at least have some control over a Spider V if I decide to upgrade. I did find a working Spider III to use in the mean time. So the Spider V has a built in looper?
  2. Will an FBX longboard work with a Spider 5? Or would I have to upgrade? I just went through 2 Spider III HD150's from Guitar Center that both have a power cycling problem. I'm thinking about just making the jump to the Spider V. I have a 4x12 slant cab already, 16 ohms. Will this work with the Spider V as well? Thanks in advance.
  3. Ok. I'm back. I exchanged the above mentioned amp for another, also a spider 3 hd150. I have the cab and everything set up. This one is power cycling as well! Any idea why? I am running the spider 3 with the 412 slant cab, 2 3ft 12 gauge speaker cables, and an FBX longboard.
  4. I just bought a used Line 6 Spider 3 HD150 head from Guitar Center. I powered it up and started to play (through headphones as I do not yet have the cab for it) and it worked fine for about 30 seconds. I looked down at my FBX longboard and noticed that it had switched banks by itself from Bank 2 to Bank 3. I switched it back to Bank 2 and the preset channel I was using, then the sound cut out. After 2 seconds it came back. Then it started doing it over and over. I noticed it was actually powering off and on repeatedly. Any advice on steps I should take to correct the issue? I have 45 days to return it if I can't fix it. Thanks in advance.
  5. I just have a 2 part question about the FBX/FBV Longboard Controller I bought online. They told me it comes with a CAT5 cable. Is this where the board draws it's power? And, Do I need anything other than the CAT 5 cable to route it to my Spider 2 amp? Or do I just plug it into the amp, and plug my guitar into the board and I'm good to go?
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