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  1. Hi there, I'm a bass player; I noticed that if I put the Tron Up filter in my signal path it seems to suck some low end when bypassed. Has anyone else had the same experience? Thank you & happy 4th!
  2. Hey njglover (and everyone), I’m a bass player and just got the Helix Floor. For some reason I’m having a hard time getting a clear bass tone. My guitar player has an Axe Fx and we were setting up the same bass patch on both units, Mesa amp into a 4x10. It was fairly easy to get it going on the Axe, but for some reason it still sounds muddy on the Helix. Are you guys only using the amp and cab block for your basic sound? I can’t seem to get it to work. I’m aware that the processors are different, just hoping to get some advice on how to set up some basic patches. I bought some 3Sigma presets, but even those seem to be a little on the not so clear side. I’m setting up patches via headphones for now (Sennheiser HD280), but the goal is to feed a stereo signal into a qsc power amp. I play NS/Stick. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!
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