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  1. If you make adjustments to a preset using the amp knobs the changes will be saved if you long press the channel button on the amp. Only the changed parameters are saved. For example, if preset bass is 60% and the amp's bass knob is 100% and you change only treble from 30 to 40 using the amp control and save, the bass will still be at 60%. If you don't save the changes they will stick until you change banks or power off the amp.
  2. Hallo jojob38, Single coils or humbuckers? The attached file has settings I like for the Clean model with my EJ Strat. I tend to like some dirt in my 'clean' so it breaks up when I dig in and cleans up with a light touch or when I roll back the volume a bit. A few percent on the tone settings can really make a big difference. I also like cleaner settings on most of the other amp models as well. 00 Clean.catl6p
  3. I would like to be able to save the advanced params as amp default settings to the Catalyst so I get my preferences in manual mode or when building a preset from the amp. Hopefully Line 6 will add that in a future firmware update.
  4. Yes. The xlr and headphone outs as well as channels 1&2 usb audio always have cab/mic emulation. There are 3 cabs 1x12, 2x12 and 4x12 and 16 mic models to select from in the edit app. There is also apparently unprocessed direct signals from the usb out too.
  5. Regarding the dry guitar signal it is a totally unprocessed DI guitar signal - like plugging straight into an audio interface. I meant there is no way to send a processed signal without cab and mic emulation.
  6. When I loaded the ASIO driver and selected the Catalyst in Reaper I could see input 1-4 and outs 1&2 as expected. Recorded all 4 inputs simultaneously. 1&2 had the amp models with effects and 3&4 were DI guitar bypassing all the processing. Did not try any re-amping but I suppose it would be dry, clean guitar to the available amp model, cab, mic combinations. No way to use daw IRs separately.
  7. What do you think? Is the modelling done with the modelled "master volume" up, in the sweet spot or at 50% like the other advanced parameters? Another nice to have feature would be to allow that adjustment in the edit app's advanced params. Along with saving preferred defaults. Maybe it is a matter of resources at the price point. Still enjoying it as it is!
  8. Sparse detail available but it looks like cabinet block cannot be removed from some audio out paths. No choice in the edit app for 'none' and it is labeled DIRECT OUT / PHONES / USB. I do not believe those are switchable at this point. Also extrapolating the same conclusion from the midi documentation for cabs and mics - Speaker Select - Selects Speaker Cabinet 1-3 (utilized on the XLR Direct, Phones, and USB outputs). For mics - select 1-15. That seems odd since there are 16 mics. But my midi fu is close to zero. It is 4 channel USB audio, so maybe there is a dry out. If I get some time today I will try the USB audio.
  9. Got a 60 on Monday. I guess I should hold off on my opinion until the honeymoon is over but... My fingers are sore for the first time in many years. :) I think it's good. Beautiful clean to edge of breakup with subtle differences depending on tone knob settings, gain settings and of course amp model. Also, excellent response to tone controls. No harsh or spikey treble. I play a lot at low volume, and I believe it is the best amp for that I have owned. My Strat loves it. Not a fan of the inflexible boost implementation but I just consider it a compromise I can live with. It's not bad. I would like to see an update to save the sag and bias settings as defaults for the amp models so manual mode has the feel I like. No opinion on pedals yet. Still testing but thus far have plugged the HX Stomp into the power amp in (sans IRs or cabs) and it sounds amazing too.
  10. CTRL+O (Windows) while in the edit app or click on the three guitars in the upper left and select Load Preset...
  11. I haven't found a way to save them as defaults. Would be nice so they load with your preferences when selecting an amp model. You get reset to 50% for all parameters when changing models for a channel and in manual mode. I can get by with saving the settings to presets but it diminishes the 'user experience' for me. I would be happy to find out I am just missing something - lmk if there is a method!
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